Shades of brown!

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Appreciate the opportunities provided by changing seasons!

Shades of brown!

Before you read it, I want you to know that I wrote this poem in November of 2015 right after my morning walk (extremely inspired) and is a reminder of the days when I lived in the moment. Also, it rhymes, is very simplistic, and may feel different from my current style of writing. Hope you'd still enjoy it. Thanks! :) <3

November morning, breezy and bright, I stepped out to wander in daylight.

A fun quick chill, fresh air to breathe in, nature was playful, brown seemed the theme.

All summer, it was tightly covered in leaves, an intricate network of stems and branches.

As I said goodbye to the season of shedding, more I admired what had long been in hiding.

An exposed tree is a beauty undisguised, any size, all forms, growing in their pride.

Through wind their strong arms sway, offering birds, a place for frolic and play.

Soaking in warmth of early rising sun, To me, allure of nature is all things fun.

Brown cornfields, brown blades of grass, brown trees, leaves, and dried up flowers.

By virtue of changing seasons, we see, a palette of colors that fill us with glee.

My morning walk had me stimulated, Then, brown coffee kept me satiated!

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