A War.

A War. moment stories

skyeEveryone has their struggles.
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I battle a war within me and I seek peace.

A War.

Clattering into one another, fleeting forever, the moments pass me by-

molding into memories that are fated to fade away, eventually, like paling pixels on old images.

Ceaseless wild thoughts peacock at my core. A war I battle, a war unknown to you.

An invisible implosion.

Livid, I lose myself to it crawling into my den like a skittish serpent.

Dark walls sunset my hopes.

I want to escape, and freeze the faulty aging of my humdrum hours.

I want to cork them, the fermenting feelings ruminating in my head.

I want to feel.

I want to feel. Again.

I want to feel. Again. And indulge myself in the now.

Often I picture peace.

I see it litter my heart with love.

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