A Meadow

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skyeEveryone has their struggles.
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A meadow muses from morning to midnight. :)

A Meadow

I asked a meadow, what they loved of summer’s June-

a soak in the morning mist, or a sheen of the midnight moon;

soft chatter of birds, or confetti of butterflies at noon;

tip-tap of water on knotted brook, or lazy hay bales laid in a swoon?

As the sun melted into its fields and a golden glaze was poured,

the meadow smiled back at me and with pride its chest soared.

“Dear, if you must know, it is the everyday magic, I cherish, muse and hold",

with those words on a starry night in billowy breeze my meadow rolled.

Aside: Thanks so much for reading. Hope it didn't feel too baby-ish. I felt like rhyming today and doing something short, light and easy. Cheers! <3

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