The Fox and the Coon

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This is a Story I wrote for my boyfriend, He has yet to see it. It's actually a flip book I hand drew, these are not the pictures I drew but I don't wanna spoil it if he explores my page he has to wait for his birthday to see the pictures I drew :D.

The Fox and the Coon

The Coon was one of Mystery Who didn't have the best History

That was until one summer day He heard a lonely She-Fox say “Oh why, oh why can’t I find, a love that’s pure and kind? I try and try with no progression, and all I get is more depression.”

Now the Coon you see had watched this fox For many a day trapped in a small box with so little to say

It was then he lifted a single paw To wipe away the tears he saw

“Your loveable in many ways. And if your not shown this we should run away.”

The Fox she smiled for no creature had ever entered her box Except for the big and angry Hawk

The coon however was persistent, as they began to run and gain some distance

But no more than a few feet away The Hawk swooped down upon it’s prey

The Fox she screamed and cried out in pain As the Hawk began to peck and mame

The Coon couldn’t take watching her pain As he stood up tall, and called out the Hawks name.

“Hawk!” He hollered puffing out his chest. Attempting to look scary, he tried his best.

“The Fox is a creature so beautiful, and kind. I won’t let you hurt her, or keep her confined. You’ll leave her alone and never come back. Or you’ll see meat is this Raccoon's favorite snack.”

With the Coon standing tall, and looking so strong The Hawk realized what he was doing was wrong

He opened his talons releasing the Fox A flew back to his nest, atop of the box

Tears fell down the Fox’s face, as she nuzzled the Coon He hugged her tightly like a black and white cocoon

It was then that he realized he didn't want mystery Regardless of history

Coon wanted to protect this beautiful Fox But he wouldn’t keep her in a little box

He would simply walk beside her Protect her and love her To show her only Splendor.

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