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Demon's can take you in a moments notice.


Red lines surrounded the pupil of her eyes. Body swaying back and forth, Cynthia studied herself in the mirror. Her long, brown hair in a ponytail, wearing a white tank top with gray sweats.

How did Corinne always talk her into these things? She shook her head hard, as if it would sober her up, it only made her more dizzy.

"Ah shi-" her voice caught, and cue the vomit.

It lasted several heaves, before she was able to stop. She kept her eyes closed as she stood over the sink in her bathroom. Her memories of that night were faded. Corinne had shown up at her apartment all dolled up.

"I thought we were just going to dinner? Why are you wearing your clubbing dress?" Cynthia’s voice was filled with annoyance.

"Changed my mind. We are going out. Were you really just going to wear that to dinner?" Corinne said, looking over Cynthia’s outfit.

"I'm going to wear it wherever you take me. I’m not spending my one day off in some fancy outfit." She said, grabbing her purse from the end table and walking out the door.

“Don't come complaining to me when you come home always." Corinne muttered under her breath.

Finally taking a moment to breathe, Cynthia brought her attention back to where she was; her bathroom. Her legs had weakened below her, as she started to fall. Her eyes fluttering shut, and her body, even with all her might, didn’t stay up.

The impact of the bathroom floor helped keep her eyes open. She could see her bed, though it was a pipe dream to think she was going to get up, as her eyes began to defy her again and closed.

Barking was all she heard below her apartment window. She sat up in her bed, pulling the covers off of her shoulders. Wait, hadn't she passed out in the bathroom? She tried to concentrate to remember, but all she could remember was Corinne picking her up, drinking, and…throwing-up.

Suddenly the barking seemed to be growing louder. She lived in the middle of New York, there was no way a dog was outside barking this long and someone hadn't shut it up.

Pulling her blankets away from her body, her mind fixated on the sound coming from outside.

She moved to the window. There were no people, no cars, and no noise. All that was outside, was a black lab

It sat as Cynthia looked at it, their eyes locking she suddenly felt trapped, and her body began to feel like it was floating, everything around her melting away.

Then She was in front of it, instantly stepping back in shock, how did she get here? She opened her mouth, to have no scream escape. In fact as she inhaled she realized she couldn't breath.

The dog's face had turned upside down, it's neck twisted the skin around it ripped, falling from it's muzzle. It's mouth forming a smile, it’s hazel eyes now reveal black pits where eyes should be.

It began to step toward her, as she fell to her knees grasping her throat, she couldn't breath, and couldn’t move, she could only watch as it move toward her.

It’s was as if the creature had grown; muscles and skeleton no longer capable of being held in the skin around it. It's shoulders shook, like shoving off a blanket, and it’s skin slid to the ground, to reveal some kind of monster.

A light crack was all Cynthia heard as her head hit the pavement, still grasping her throat for air. The dog kicked her onto her back, her body too weak to resist. All four legs stepping onto her.

It lowered it's face to hers and their noses touched. Tears falling down her cheeks, chest feeling as if it was being crushed by an anvil. Her arms fell to her chest, twitching as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

"CLEAR!" shouted the EMT as he shocked the girl, found unconscious at the scene.

Her friend had brought her home, alcohol poisoning setting in heavy. They arrived, and her pulse had been very weak. As they rushed her into the ambulance, she flat-lined. He quickly moved his hand down to feel the girl's neck. A pulse finally started, against all odds.

"Okay! She has a pulse! Cynthia, can you hear us, can you open your eyes?" he called down to her, reaching for his flashlight. Her eyes opening instantly after he called her name, darting around the back of the van. She noticed that she was in an ambulance. How did she get here?

“We lost you for a moment, let's take it easy." Does he mean she died? She wondered. She still couldn't move. All she could do was look through her eyes, that seemed to move on their own. She felt so...strange. Her eyes shifted to a mirror behind the EMT.

An oxygen mask was hung on her face. The image in the mirror however moved it's hand up to it's face, pulling her mask away, and smiling.

Cynthia knew it wasn’t her, because she couldn’t move. The smile grew inhumanly large. Only being able to stare at this thing in the mirror, she panicked It's mouth swinging open, like the lid of a cookie jar, and the dogs head pushed past her throat, laughing at her.

It lifted her face back into place as, smile disappearing. The reflection now almost completely normal

It lifted the mask back into place and held a finger at it's lips. “Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

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