Muffled image contest stories

skydreamland Short Story Writer/Poet/Book Writer
Autoplay OFF   •   2 years ago
Just a little something I put together based on the picture.


Everything is Muffled I'm trying I really am But I can't hear you

Everything is distant I'm trying to reach But I can't go that far

Everything is dull Held in a world of gray

Everything is Muffled I can't make out a sound Your talking to me but

Everything is muffled

And it is pulling me down

And it is pulling me under

Everything is Muffled Everything is Distant Everything is Dull Everything is Gray

Everything is Muffled And I want to hear I want to hear you

Everything is Distant And I want to reach you I want to be near you

Everything is Dull And I want it to be vibrant

Everything is Gray But you bring me color

Up Me Pulling Your

Saving Me From Drowning

Everything Was Muffled You Were Muffled Everything Was Distant You were Distant Everything Was Dull And Everything was Gray

Until I Met You That Day

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