Warm like Fire
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Something warm like fire.

Warm like Fire

I gaze across the room and catch him again, this isn't the first time he's stared at me. I adjust my shirt. Maybe he likes me but he doesn't know much about me. Maybe he only wants my body.

I don't flaunt myself around. Maybe my shirt is too low or my pants are too tight. I didn't mean to. I'm sorry i say as he pushes me against my bedroom wall with his hand around my throat.

I didn't mean it, what i said. I'm not sorry. I wanted this, maybe not from him but something. Why'd i crave something like this so much.

Am i sick? He lays me down and kisses my neck down to my thighs. The art show begins. Flaunted moans and shouts. Morning comes heavy.. do i regret it. I will when i get to school. I sit down.

He looks at me again, i can feel it. Turning my head ever so slightly, a smile emerges from my face once i see his own smirk gazing at me. The class is quiet.

No rumors, It wouldn't be rumors if it was true.. He stops me in the hall, people walking by minding their own business, nothing to really see. He kisses me.

My face burns, i want to be warm again. Do i love him? Something inside craving again.. do i really need this. I can survive. I lied again. I want it and almost thrive it.

Grades floating so why worry. I again could feel his warmth. Pressed against me as i am him. I smile more this time. It's all warm and this time more passionate.. I think i love him...

but does he love me. Does he thrive for the same warmth as me. Maybe i am in love with his warmth and not him.. maybe i'm just confused. I trip i the hall, books scattered like a jig saw puzzle.

Someone reaches out their hand, i take it. He pulls me into a hug. It's him again, i really do love how warm he is..

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