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September 2nd, 2017 on a normal Saturday of what i thought was normal.

240 Gunshot.

By SkrixK

It's August 15th, 2017. On just a normal Tuesday, scrolling through my phone a notification shows at the top of my screen. "BAND TICKETS" It said in bold. I click on it sending me to my emails.

"240 Gunshot playing live near you!" It shouted across my screen. Hm seems like a reasonable band.

Looking up tickets with the link provided, $5 per person? I seemed a little shocked now looking more into it. The concert was only being held a town over from mine.

I quickly jump up off the couch and call my boyfriend, Matthew. "Hey so guess what?" I tell him about the tickets and the date.

We decided to go, it was still about a few weeks from now so nothing to really freak out about. I didn't really know the band, neither did he but it was something to do.

The concert was being held on September 2nd. School dragged on and days seemed a bit long. Nothing really exciting, and that is what made the concert more wanted as each day passed on.


September 1st, 2017. Talking about wake up times and about when we should leave, what we should take with us. The normal, mom and dad was oddly okay with me going to a concert with my boyfriend.

I am 17, must trust me. Packing and ready to go, just extra clothes in case and some food and a drink. Going to bed the night before was intense, I was so excited.


9:43 am. September 2nd, 2017. waking up and getting my bag and my coat I walk out the door and meet up with Matt. the air was already cold, nipping at my skin and leaving behind goosebumps.

I slip on my jacket once i'm in the car. We're off. Falling in and out of sleep, for about an hour ride. Waking up and looking at the big city in which we have arrived.

Sitting up in the passenger seat I gaze beyond the hood of the car, Giant buildings. I didn't come often to the big city but rarely and the view was always beautiful. I loved it.

My stomach interrupted my thoughts. "Oh' I mumble. "You hungry? We can stop somewhere?" Matthew asked me in a smile, and using a comforting voice.

The radio didn't work well so there wasn't much music, but there was sounds of the city. People talking in near by cars, cars, music being played at restaurants, just city life.


Pulling into a Wendy's I order and as does he. The concert doesn't start till 7 so we have the whole day to fool around in the city.

We went to some of the festivals going on some festival called ZeeZout, it was pretty cool. just walked around town before it reached about lunch and ate again.

The band we was seeing was a new band of sorts. We asked around about some back up information about the band, and everyone we asked really liked the band. That was good.

it reached about 5:00 pm and we started looking for the building. After about an half hour of being lost, we find it. Getting a parking spot and going in.

With a ticket in one hand and his hand in another we walk through the doors. No one was really here yet, everyone just starting to pile in.


6:45 pm. September 2nd, 2017. A man comes out on stage and thanks everyone for coming, by this time there are about 200 people in the building.

Not to mention the building wasn't a very big building either. The runner up bands wasn't bad, none of the bands was big enough for me to recognize the songs but we still danced to them.

Then the lights dimmed. I got a little closer to Matt, because I got a little nervous. I didn't know anyone so i felt protected with him.

The spot lights came together and then a man on a mic started to announce what I'd assume be the band members. Naming them off one by one, the crowd screamed, as if we was getting bombed.

It was very loud but i was okay with that. Each name that was read off a person would come out on stage. There was only four people. A drummer, Bassist, Lead guitarist and a lead singer.

They looked to be average band people. and that was okay. The screaming dialed down a bit and the singer started to speak.

thanking everyone for coming out and then naming the first song the band started to play. It wasn't a heavy rock band and it wasn't hip hop. It was more alternative.

which i was absolutely okay with. Even though that was the last song I listened to. .


8:45 pm the band is playing there is somewhat singing along, there was dancing. Then suddenly people started to become frantic and I didn't know why. Yet.

There was screaming followed by multipul gun shots. From the back of the room there was a man in a black hoodie with what seemed to be a AK47 I panicked, like everyone else in the building.

Matt soon took charge and took my hand and ran into the crowed. People was pushing and shoving. One of the band members was shot and assumed to be dead.

there were a few more people on the ground with bullet wounds. blood seemed to be everywhere. I held on to his hand with what seemed all i could. We got split up.

I couldn't get through and he couldn't get back. I stood there trying to get through what seemed to be thousands of people. My heart raced thinking i'm going to die.

Then, just then i felt a pinch in my shoulder. standing there stunned, looking through the crowed i found him. Matthew standing and pushing to get back to me, I knew he could see me.

Everything was slow. I put my hand over my shoulder where it hurt now. Running my hand over my shoulder there was a thick substance.

Bringing my hand in front of my face i could identify it as blood. started to fall backwards onto the floor. Everything still slow, my vision starting to blur as i started to cry.

Finally i could see Matthew in my vision. I could see lights flashing, red then blue. I found them pretty. Everything sort of silent. Sounded like i was under water.

I looked over at Matt who was shaking and crying at this point. Talking to me but i couldn't quiet understand. I begun to get really tired. New faces appeared in my sight.

Pain increased when they picked me up. I got even more tired, I kept hearing someone say "stay with me" They kept repeating themselves, at this point i just wanted to sleep.

I couldn't really feel anything other than hard pressure on my shoulder. I could see the sky and then the lights i was talking about was very where.

I got closer to one of them, I was then lifted up and put inside. I turned my head to see Matthew again, I smiled and tried to say Hello to him but i don't think he understood. He looked so sad.

i turned my head to the other side to see what looked like a doctor.

Hm, suddenly i felt sharp pains in my shoulder and all the noise rushed into my ears everything was loud and i could hear Matt trying to calm me down. I started screaming.

I injected with something, everything turned black. I fell asleep.


Woke up in a hospital room with my parents and Matthew beside me. "I don't think i liked that band" I mumbled.

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