She inspires me.
She inspires me.  wow-life-inspired-problems-itwillbealright-selfpity stories

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She inspires me.

She inspires me.

By: Skittolate.

I made a friend...

Who is also popularly known as the class clown, or as she called herself, "MENKIND'S AANGEL."

She is an angel.

She saved me from loneliness and depression.

She's funny.

She's clever – not smart.

So one day I asked her.

"How are you so happy all the time? Don't you have any problems?"

She said...

"Of course I do. Everybody does, I just look at the bright side of life, you know..."

I said,

"I don't know... What are your problems?"

She has insomnia (mild case), ADD, many eye problems, bone defamation and other health problems.

And she doesn't worry about it.

She keeps smiling.

And makes the whole world smile.

She doesn't even know it.

She does not know how awesome she is. She think she's a weird hobo who cracks jokes all the time.

At times like this, I think,

"I'm not the only one suffering. There are people out there with worse problems. I should just suck it up and deal with it like them."

She inspires me.

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