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"Happy Birthday" They say.


"Happy Birthday"

They say.

"Make your wishes"

they say.

Oh what a wonderful day, to be older than the last.

As a child it was magic,

"I used to be seven but now I'm eight"

What a reason to celebrate.

One year of life.

One year closer to death.

As you grow older the magic sort of grows out.

Sure, you get to be cocky for a whole day.

But honestly, birthdays happen everyday.

Today, might be a birthday of somebody all across the world from here who...hell do I even know or care about.

But it's still their birthday.

Today could be the saddest day of someone's life.

Today could be the day someone took their own life.

Yet while you're busy celebrating and blowing out your candles, someone could be sobbing and going through terrible things.

But you don't know that.

And frankly, since you don't know that, you don't care.

Sure, you say you care but will you really go and research everyone's and every event going on today, this one day? Just to say you care?

You see what I mean now?

And sure, you could do that. But that means you now have every other day after today to say you care about everyone as you slowly suck out your own life doing the impossible.

Happy birthday.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

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