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Both heartbroken, both loosing hope. Can they help each other learn to love again?

Marinette x Chat Noir (MariChat)

Background: Ok so Chat Noir recently got heartbroken by Ladybug for the last time. Marinette had been heartbroken and had had enough of Adrien as well. (ShE's JuSt A FrIeNd if you know what I mean)

Background: Also, Marinette is not Ladybug. Some other unworthy rando is lol.

'..' thoughts ".." talking *..* actions Hope you enjoy!

Mari POV *sniffles and wipes eyes* (whispers with a trembling voice) "Damn you Adrien..." 'I need fresh air. It will help clear my mind.' *Goes to her rooftop verandah*

Mari POV *closes eyes and feels the cold night wind blowing calming on her face, let out hair blowing freely behind her.* *takes deep breaths and calms down, leaning on the railing*

Chat POV *drops the single red rose he had been gripping fiercely whilst crying after Ladybug had told him no and forever no for the love he opened to her so willingly* 'Come on Adrien!! Get yourself together..'

Chat POV 'I need to calm down... or I could get akumatised. Stupid Hawkmoth (Shadowmoth?????)' *looks around Paris from the rooftop he was perched on and sees Marinette smiling into the breeze, tear streaked cheeks shining in the lamp light*

Chat POV *eyes widen* 'Marinette? Has she been crying?' *Picks up rose and jumps from roof to roof until he lands on Marinette's railing.* *Marinette opens her eyes, startled, and stares at Chat.*

Mari POV 'Chat Noir? What is he doing here? Oh no... has he been crying too?' "Chat?", (in worried voice) "Are you ok? What happened?" (Mari) *Chat laughs* "I'm alright, don't worry. What about you?" (Chat)

Mari POV 'Me?'(Mari) *laughs nervously* "Oh, don't worry. I'm fine too. Just... boy problems." (Mari) *Chat looks worried*

Chat POV 'Boy problems?' "Did you get your heartbroken too?" (Chat) "Yep.. Not the first time either. Wait... you've been heartbroken too?" (Mari) "Yeah.. not the first time for me either." (Chat)

Chat POV 'Not the first time. Mari has been heartbroken a lot? By who?' "Who... broke your heart -again?" (Chat) "This might sound stupid because it is such a popular crush... but.... it was Adrien Agreste."(Mari)

Mari POV 'Why does Chat look so startled?' "You ok?" (Mari) "Y-yeah I'm fine. May I ask how he has broken your heart?" (Chat) *Mari laughs and smiles sadly*

Mari POV "Well... I kind of loved him since I met him.. but over the years I've come to realize that my hope is only fantasy. It will never happen. And he clearly doesn't like me the same way. I keep getting friend zoned too. And I'm tired of all his, she's just a friend." (Mari) *takes deep breath*

Mari POV "Is it bad that I feel so much better after telling someone?" (Mari) *laughs* "yeah..." (Mari) "What about you, Chat? Was it Ladybug again?" (Mari)

Chat POV 'I... I've caused her so much pain... God I'm an idiot.' "Chat? Hello?" (Mari) "H-huh? Oh sorry. What did you ask?" (Chat) "I asked if it was Ladybug who hurt you again." (Mari)

Chat POV *sighs* "Yeah... It seems that my hope is fantasy too. I've decided to stop trying. It's been years and I just haven't gotten through to her." (Chat) *laughs* "Wow that does feel better." (Chat)

Chat POV *Both laugh* *Chat stops and watches Mari laugh* 'Cute..' 'Wait, WHAT? Adrien, you just broke her heart what are you thinking? You can't start crushing on her she just gave up on you!'

Chat POV 'But... What if I don't crush on her as Adrien.. I could love her as Chat Noir.. if she would let me.' *smiles and looks back out and over the city.* "It's a nice night." (Chat) "Yeah. To bad its going to rain soon." (Mari)

Mari POV "You should probably go back to your home now.." (Mari) "Yeah.." (Chat) *Both look sad and away from each other* "Can... can I come back?" (Chat) "Of course!" (Mari)

Chat POV 'Yes!' "Until then, m'lady." (Chat) *Bows and smiles as he jumps of the verandah and heads home* "Until then.." (Mari) *waves goodbye to him*

POV The next day. Mari is sewing in her room and Chat has just knocked on her entry from her verandah.

Mari POV 'Is that Chat?' *Smiles hopefully* *opens the hatch and sees a smiling kitty* "Hey purrincess!" (Chat) *Hops into her room.*

Mari POV "Hey kitty. How are you today?" (Mari) *Sits back down and continues sewing* 'Aww he nicknamed me' *Chat sits on her couch and looks around her room* "Better now that I am here." (Chat)

Chat POV 'She gave me a nickname!! Cute!' "You are quite the flirt aren't you? I have no idea how Ladybug didn't fall for you after all those years of your 'amazing' flirting skills." (Mari) *Smirks playfully at him whilst putting clothes on a manequin.*

Chat POV "Ha. Ha. I am a very good flirt, thank you very much. Ladybug is just... anti-romantic, I guess." (Chat) *Small awkward silence* "Oh! I almost forgot! I made some clothes based off your costume whilst you were away." (Mari)

Chat POV "No way, really? Can I see?" (Chat) 'She is amazing' "Of course you can silly! I made it to show you after all." (Mari) 'Wait what?' "Wait here." (Mari)

Mari POV 'Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh I hope he likes it.' 'Come on Mari! Deep breaths. You got this.' "Ready?" (Mari) *She steps out from behind a dressing shield*

Chat POV 'Oh... my God.' "Chat!?" (Mari) "What happened? Why is your nose bleeding? Is it the weather? Hang on! I will get some tissues." (Mari) "You do that.. I need a minute to process what I am seeing." (Chat)

POV Mari looks like this: Credits to the creator.

POV Ok! Continuing...

POV They enjoyed each others company for months and were there for each other when needed. They gradually loved each other more and more.

POV They are currently both lying in Mari's bed just talking. Mari has here head on her pillow and Chat is lying opposite next to her. Hawkmoth (Shadowmoth????) has been defeated just recently too.

Chat POV "Hawkmoth's (SHADOWMOTH??????) defeat had been the most epic battle ever! You should have been there! I mean well not in harms way or anything but you should have seen how awesome I was!" (Chat) *Mari laughs*

Mari POV "Don't worry, kitty. I saw it all from my roof. You were indeed very epic."(Mari) *Moment of silence* "How was Ladybug afterwards?" (Mari)

Mari POV "After the battle we did our pound-it and then she decided that we were allowed to show our identities to each other finally..." (Chat) *Mari sits up* "No way. Really?" (Mari) *Chat sits up*

Mari POV "What happened next?" (Mari) "She immediately de-transformed afterwards, before I could say anything, and I saw who she was. She was someone named Felice. After this she told me about how she actually loved me but kept turning me down because of the danger." (Chat)

Mari POV 'Oh...' "...Then?" (Mari) "Then she put her hands on my cheeks, like this." (Chat) *Puts hands on Mari's cheeks and holds her head gently*

Chat POV "After this she had tried to take my ring so I would de-transform and she wanted to kiss me." (Chat) "W-what did you do?" (Mari) "I refused. I would not succumb to her and be a fool anymore.. Besides. I already love someone." (Chat)

Mari POV *Chat looks intently into her eyes* 'Does he mean he loves me??' "Then..?" (Mari) *They glanced at each others eyes and lips repeatedly and leaned closer to each other gradually.*

Chat POV "Then... I came straight here, wanting to see you and to tell you something that has been on my mind for months.." (Chat) *They are centimeters away from each others faces, staring into each others eyes.* "And what do you want to tell me?" (Mari)

Chat POV "That I love you, Mari." (Chat) *They finally make contact and kiss. Mari's hand lifts and cradles on of Chat's cheeks like he was doing with her's.* *Breaking apart, they leaned their foreheads on each other and smiled*

Mari POV "I love you too, Chaton." (Mari) *They sit in silence for a few minutes just staring into each others eyes until Chat speaks.* "Mari, I want to show you who I am." (Chat) 'What..?'

Chat POV 'Now is the right time. I know it.' "Really? Are you ready?" (Mari) "I will be ready as long as I know you will love me no matter who I am, and give me a chance." (Chat)

Mari POV 'This idiot.' *She kisses his forehead* "Of course I will love you no matter who you are you idiot." (Mari) *Chat smiles* "Ok, ready?" (Chat)

Chat POV *Mari nods* 'Deep breath Adrien. She loves you and you love her.' "Plagg, claws in." (Chat) *He de-transforms and Adrien is left sitting in Chat Noir's place.*

Adrien POV *He sits, waiting for her reaction* *Mari sits, there and stares for a moment then tears start appearing in her eyes and she lunges forward, hugging Adrien tightly.* *Adrien hugs back, tears in eyes as well.*

Adrien POV "Y-you aren't disappointed?" (Adrien) "Of course not! I said I wouldn't be and I am not. I still love you just the same kitty." (Mari) 'Thank God I get to keep her.'

Mari POV "What about the fact that I broke your heart?" (Adrien) *They part from their hug but hold hands still* "I know you have changed." (Mari) *He kisses her again, tears streaming down both their faces.*

Plagg POV "EWWWWWWWWWWW. ADRIENNNNN. I need cheese you knoooowww." (Plagg) *They break apart and laugh* *Adrien lets Mari feed and play with Plagg*

Adrien POV "Mari, there's one more thing I left out from the story. Felice gave me the Ladybug miraculous. She renounced herself as the owner. She told me to find a new owner and I think that you are worthy." (Adrien) *Marinette gasps*

Mari POV "Wait really? Your going to give me the Ladybug miraculous?" (Mari) "As long as you want to be the new Ladybug." (Tikki) "Are you the kwami?" (Mari) "Yep! My name is Tikki!" (Tikki)

Adrien POV "HeeEEeEEeEeeYyYyyYy SugarCUBE!" (plagg) "Stop calling me that!" (Tikki) 'Cute. Plagg has a crush.' "Are you willing, Mari?" (Adrien) *Mari nods*

Adrien POV *He leans over and puts the earrings in Mari's ears* "Plagg! Claws out!" (Adrien) "All you have to say is Tikki! Spot on! Chat Noir can do the rest." (Tikki) *Mari nods determinedly*

"Tikki! Spots ON!"

Credits to artist:

Created originally by @skater_weeb <3 (I love Plagg in this story too) Thanks for reading! (please follow if you haven't already)

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