Plethoric disguises!
Plethoric disguises! poetry-contest stories

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This is yet another submission made by me for the poetry contest I entered,which demanded writing a 6 line poem on water without using the word WATER! ENJOY READING...

Plethoric disguises!

By Ranju Vel

Yet another!

This is yet another submission made for the poetry contest which demanded writing a 6 -line poem on water "without using the word WATER"

Rigid,yet fizzles..

It is adamantine as an ice cube, but the frail thing,fizzles out on exposure!


It dribbles like pearls from the sky and melancholic eyes, And it swells and bloats as a bubble..

Gazillion colours it is tainted with!

It's painted with malachite green blobs,as a pond, But takes up turquoise tint as a lake!

It glistens like Sirius!

Though lacking a clear-cut color, It fails never to shimmer like the sheeny Sirius star!

An OCEAN of ink,I need!

The plethoric disguises this fuzzy phenomenon assumes, Will demand an OCEAN OF INK, if penned!!!

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