My Monday morning!
My Monday morning! morning stories

sivaranjanisentPassionate poet,Writing is a blessing
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this is a very interesting morning routine of a 18 year old college girl(myself) belonging to Tamilnadu,India...written in a very rib-tickling way and IT IS ELOQUENT,as always!BEGUILE yourself!!go on ..give a read..You can't stop in the mid way,i bet!!!enjoy....WAITING FOR COMMENTS...

My Monday morning!

by Sivaranjani Senthilvel


Waking up by 4 as usual,spiritualizing my mind by hearing suprabhaat,which is a song surmised of waking up the almighty himself,I boost my brain and wake it up from drowsiness!


Being a logophile,as soon as I wake up,I look to the 'word of the day' in my mobile dictionary application,and note it down if I hear my inner voice,"Ah! Beautiful!Use this somewhere right now!"

Tasty tea...

I then read a good quote to begin my day buoyantly, as i sup up slowly a cup of toothsome tea brewed by my Granny who gets ultra-scrupulous when it comes to cooking.

Devotional duties...

Then,I try to keep my eyeballs off the television,which would start functioning the minute,my Granny arouses from sleep. She has a busy schedule from 5 to 8,occupied with lectures by great sages.

Hyper prompt Grandpa

Then,my Grandpa,with his 10 year old motorcycle, vrooming,horning and alarming 20 minutes ahead of the scheduled bus-arrival timing , having the bus stand nearer than a kilometer from home😞

It's a punching bag , not college bag!

Having reached the bus stand first,I keep standing still with my college bag which was so heavy that it would serve a good punching bag for a boxer.

Weird Confidant

Then comes Chitra,my bus confidant who never returns back that formal smile,given by me,leaving all the people in the bus stand,doubted, if I had been affected by 'smiling at invisibles' disorder

First day scenario

When I met her,the first day,she only replied by nodding her head or by shaking it from left to right.I thought to myself," Will I atleast get to hear her voice before I leave the college? "

Oh gosh! She isn't what I thought she is...

But then, I realized that she only had a " starting trouble".Once she got little acquainted with me, she started talking.She talked so much, that I thought like giving her some water to drink!😂


Chitra is a quidnunc, such a gossip monger, who always kept tittle-tattling about some hero or heroine,whose A,B,C I knew not.

Kakistocracy grumblings...

Like me, she also came always accompanied by her Grandpa.Until the bus arrives,the two septagenarians ,nattered about the Indian kakistocracy. arrives

Then sprints our senior,Amrita who arrives when there are seconds left for the bus to come.She takes part in our chat,until the bus arrives,and we settle in different places doing our hobbies

Bibliophilic problems

I habitually open a book of my interest until we reach the college. No sooner than I read a single line of either Jane Austen's or R.K.Narayan's ,I could expect an interruption by Chitra for sure

teases...and anger spurts..

Have you seen that film?". And I say an incurious "Nope!".She then mocks at me and calls me a 'nerd' which is followed by my inscrutable expression,showing my wrath on her deplorable comment😠

whatever...NEVER MIND!

She then criticises the movie and I say a laconic," Oh I see..",and this is the only sequential order of events for the next 40 minutes, until we reach the college.


But then,this intriguing morning,when unescorted by Chitra,though uninterrupted, would really be insipid and monotonous for me,I know...

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