Failure isn't the finish line!
Failure isn't the finish line! stories

sivaranjanisentPassionate poet,Writing is a blessing
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This is s motivational poem that is sure to wake people up from failures.It helps them rise ,and reach their maximum potential! Get ready to get inspired...

Failure isn't the finish line!

by sivaranjanisenthilvel

Failure slaps hard!

Failure gives you loud slaps Forcing you to extol the ineligible... And give reluctant claps, To the despicable and dishonourable... This is exactly the time You ought to further climb...

Don't drown! Rise!

This failure would push you, Mercilessly into an ocean of depression... And your heart would tell you, You'll soon drown- a scary precaution... This is exactly the time You must further

Prove them wrong!

Kith and kin who believed You would win, Will fling the hope they had In the bin.. This is exactly the time You ought to further climb, And prove them wrong!

Don't give up!

Your defeat Would be so brutal... All your effort Might seem to be futile.. You'd even conclude Trying again is bootless and unwise .. But this is exactly the time You must further climb

You'd have been very sincere...

You'd have been insomniac for so many days, With blood-red eyes and drooping eyelids. You'd have been running in a marathon race, Against the clock,burdening and brittling your ribs ...

It will be terribly painful!

You'd have persisted so many dizzy spells... Awaiting the reward of all toil, Making a countdown.. You'd have persevered so many ankle swells... But,much more painful will be, This comedown.

You are irreplaceable!

You'll now want to give up,on your oath ... And lead like others,a petty life of mediocrity... But take a look at your arduous path... And take pride in your ability to maintain integrity!

Don't settle down for anything less than what you deserve!

This life will always tempt you to settle, For something less than what you deserve... But never ever fail in showcasing your mettle.. Under any circumstance,don't give up your verve...

It's the journey,you espoused, That has molded you for greater good... And it's the path you chose, That proved to you,what all you could... A new day will dawn, For those who stand long!

Therefore,stay strong and keep doing your best... Till you prove your flair and finesse,don't you rest... Just say,"EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE FINE..." Because,FAILURE ISN'T THE FINISH LINE!

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