An ocean in a drop
An ocean in a drop tears stories

sivaranjanisentPassionate poet,Writing is a blessing
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This is a poem on tears which is sure to impress you with its grandiloquence and depth of meaning!

An ocean in a drop

by sivaranjanisent

Slides along the eyelash!

Orbs of tears queue behind the closed eyelids, And slide down gently from the eyelash..

Cascades from greenish needles!

Like raindrops,that cascade and fall, From the greenish needles of fine fescues...

It's an ocean!

It isn't just a drop! It's an ocean of incessant disappointments and despondence... That storms violently,when the heart bleeds!

Salty sea of pain...

It's a salty sea of pain,shrunken to a drop, To hide the magnitude of melancholy in the heart!

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