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I lost you one day. I kept you in my pocket. I made sure you were warm. Right next to my locket.

Without You

I lost you one day

I kept you in my pocket

I made sure you were warm

right next to my locket

but now you have gone

I've looked all around

I can still hear your sound

I know that you are near

even though you are not right here

please come out and tell me what you fear

please shed no tears

I need you right here

my mind is lost without you

I know that I have lost you

where I have no clue

I keep remembering the places we were

they seem so different now without you

I keep thinking "I'm going to find her"

I don't want anyone else to have you

I may be jealous, that may be true

I'll keep looking till the ends of time

careful so no one will know where I look

I will come running to you at the drop of a dime

for I don't want anyone else to find you, I don't want you took

your mine and mine only

I want it to stay that way

I will give you my time

any time of day

please come out

you must be found

you have been gone for much to long

where are you now, I don't hear a sound

maybe I'm just not looking hard enough

This is all so rough

My heart is breaking

I know that i should be tough

but the one thing I love a been taken

I miss the days when you were in my pocket

you were warm

right next to my locket

with you gone I am torn

with you gone I don't know who to be

I need you now can't you see?

all I know is that we need each other

please come back to me

please don't go

is there another lover?

If there is, then I'll have to set you free

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