Leaves Falling Off Trees
Leaves Falling Off Trees  deep stories

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“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

Leaves Falling Off Trees

As I stand here in the rain pondering, I've only got one thing on my mind. It's you. If only you'd see that too. I'm not a complicated man, but all I ask is that you understand how I feel.

You can't play with people's hearts. This is real. I've never really understood you... when I think about it. I've never understood the things you do.

I can't help but wonder if this is all one big game, just another form of entertainment to pass the time. Do I mean anything at all to you?

I wonder how you feel about me, and every day those wonderings become more piercing than the last. I know I should turn around and get in my car. There's no way your coming, not now.

I've been out here or hours. For you, in unsteady rain showers. It's cold, and I'm soaked. But I pushed through. I realized something, I can do it if it's for you.

And I know that I'll wait if that's what you want me to do. I'd do anything for you. I take one more look at the house I once knew. Where our love once grew, and I turn around.

I can hear rain drops as they hit the ground all around me. It makes me feel colder, colder than I already am. I look up at the sky as if an answer were going to appear. Nothing, but the lonely gray sky.

I see leaves falling off the trees. I could stand here and watch each one as they fall, till it feels like they were never really there at all. I watch for a while.

"Every memory of you and me is leaf, and as those leaves fall those memories become small, and soon I won't be able to feel anything at all". I say with a sigh. This is my final goodbye.

I see you coming out of the house from the corner of my eye. I turn I sigh as I stand here in the cold, cold rain, and I tell myself another lie.

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