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Hi my name is Kendra. Kendra James. I am 16 years old. I'm pretty smart for my age. I haven't been in love YET, but that's enough about me. I have a brother. His name is Nick. He's really protective over me. He's 17 and a half. He wants to get to college and become a businessman. I like that for him. I have a Mom and a Dad. My Dad's name is Tom. He's white.


Hi my name is Kendra. Kendra James. I am 16 years old. I'm pretty smart for my age. I haven't been in love YET, but that's enough about me. I have a brother. His name is Nick.

He's really protective over me. He's 17 and a half. He wants to get to college and become a businessman. I like that for him. I have a Mom and a Dad. My Dad's name is Tom. He's white.

My Mom's name is Tasha. She's black. My Dad's in the military, so we move a lot, it's hard being the new mixed girl. Some places that we've been don't really see people like me. So we stick out.

We usually don't stay in those types of places long. Because we move so much, I don't have any friends. Whenever I need to vent I just talk to my Mom.

We decided that me going to school is the best thing for me. My parents do want me to live a normal life.

So here I am sitting in the back of the family minivan. Mom and Dad in the front. Me and Nick in the back. Nick is sitting with his seat laid back, He has his music blasting.

I'm looking out the window. I see lots and lots of trees. It's nice here during this time of year. April. There are flowers and the breeze feels amazing.

Mom told us not to get too attached to wherever we move too, that way when it's time to leave it's not as bad. I always get attached. That's just me. It's starting to rain.

Rain always makes me smile. I like the way it makes the sky look. It always brings me peace. We drove for a long time before we finally got to our new home.

Mom parked in our new driveway. Dad got out of the car to open our new door. I looked over a Nick. He was sleeping. I shook him. He looked around and grabbed his things.

Then he hopped out of the car. I admired the house a little longer. It's huge. It's pretty nice too. I wonder why Mom and Dad decided to move here if we won't be here very long.

I grabbed my suitcase and hopped out of the car. I stretched my body before I started walking. I had been sitting so long that my legs kind of forgot how to move.

I took a few staggering steps toward the house until my legs got the hang of it. I opened our new screen door and pushed my new suitcase through the door. Then I walked in.

The house was really really nice inside. It had a fireplace and it was already furnished.

Normally our houses are furnished, but not like this. I immediately went towards the steps and brought my suitcase up. The stairs where a carpeted wood. The wood was handmade.

It had the most breathtaking design on it. I want a picture of that. I'm thinking that it would look good in my future house. That's something that I like doing.

Every time I see something I like in one of the houses that we move too, I take pictures of it with my camera, and I hang them on the walls of my new room.

When I got up the steps I noticed that the walls were a pretty pale blue. I loved it! I walked down the hallway. I saw two rooms. I looked into it. This must be my room.

The room already had all of my things in it. Dad always makes sure our things are already moved in by the time we get there, It makes it easier on everyone.

I walked into my new room. I put my suitcase in my bed. I saw a couple of new things on it too. All of my Timothee Chalamet posters were hanging on my wall. I chuckled.

I wish we could stay here. I hope we're here long. I have a feeling I'm gonna like this place. Once I finished looking at my new room I decided to head further down the hall.

I looked into the room. It was the bathroom. It was a full bathroom. Then I headed to the top floor. It seemed to be Mom and Dad's room. There was a full bathroom up there too.

There also was an attic. I walked back down the steps. Mom met me in the hallway. "Bunny you liking this so far?" She said with a smile.

"Yeah I'm loving it, but why is it so nice, are we staying here". I asked curiously. Mom paused. She had the biggest smile on her face possible.

"Were staying!!!" I said not being able to hide my happiness. She nodded. I gave her a hug. "This is great Mom". I said. I knew you would love it Bunny.

You always had a good taste in things like this". She said heading to the 3rd floor to her room. I laughed and went back to my room. It was getting pretty late.

I decided that I just wanted to head to bed. So I changed my clothes, went to the bathroom and washed my face, and I got in bed.

I noticed that my bed was pretty close to the window and that I could see out of it. I got up and walked to the window. That's when I saw him. The guy, He was pretty tall. He had dark hair.

He looked like he was heading into the house across the street. Maybe he could be the one. The one for me. I smiled and turned over. The next thing I know it's morning.

I got out of bed and put my rainbow unicorn slippers on. They fit just right. Then I did morning stretches. I walked to the window to see if that cute guy from last night was out there.

Something told me he was. I looked around and didn't see him. I sighed and went to my closet to find something to wear. Once I did that I took a shower and then I got dressed.

Then I went downstairs for breakfast. Nick was sitting at the kitchen table eating cereal. Mom was making a pot of coffee. She was dressed in work clothes. I sat down at the table.

"Morning Mom". I said as I grabbed a bowl from the table and made me some cereal. "How come are you wearing work clothes ?" I asked. She smiled. "I was wondering when someone would ask me...

I have a new job at a law firm...It starts today". Mom said happily. "That's great!". I said. "Why would you get a job here if you were not staying?" Nick asked. "Well you see...

Nick was staying here. We brought this house as somewhere to stay". Mom said. Nick nodded. "Cool I guess, at least we won't have to keep moving all the time".

Nick said as he took in a spoon full of cheerios.

After breakfast was finished Mom had to go. Nick went to his room to go unpack, so I decided to take a walk. I sat on the porch. I admired the view of the house across from ours.

It was something about that house.

Maybe it was the people in it? Maybe it was the color of it? Maybe it was that cute mysterious guy that I saw heading into it? I don't know what it is? I'd sure like to find out.

I brought my Sketchbook and art set out with me. I opened the portable art set and got a new sheet of sketch paper and I drew that house.

I made sure that every detail that I could see what included. I was so into my drawing that I didn't notice someone come up to me.

I looked up and saw a pair of black-legged jeans in front of me. I looked up. It looked like it could have been that guy. I looked up. "HI". I said still sketching. "Hey".

He said sitting down next to me. "I'm your neighbor. We live across the street.

My name's Matt". He said. "Hi James, I'm Ken...that short for Kendra". I said. "Nice. So my Mom wanted me to bring this over". He said handing me a box. I looked at it. "Thanks.

I'll give it to my parents when they get home". I said. "Well your welcome to hang with me and my friends if your free". He said. "I'd like that". I said. "Cool, well I'll see you around ken".

Matt said as he got up and walked into his house. "see ya, Matt". I said. I sat outside for a little while longer.

Is it unfair to say that he's not the one I'm looking for? I want someone dark and not available. I walked back into the house. though he might be the one, we'll just see.

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