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1 February 1998
22:00 p.m.
Hospital Asih.

Everything is very quiet in Hospital Asia. All nurses and doctors busy on their own patients even it's almost midnight in there. Johannes Agung, a man who wears glasses is standing front the room surgery, waiting for the news of result his wife's health since it's about the time their baby will born. Finally, the doctor came out from the surgery room as Johannes rush to him.

"Doctor, how's my wife? Is she will be alright? Will our baby safe?" Johannes asks the doctor. Doctor's expression solemnly because he didn't want to tell the truth about Johannes's wife. Johannes grip the doctor's shoulders in worried. "Doctor, please! Please tell me!" Johannes keeps begging the doctor for an answer to his question. The doctor takes a deep breath before he looks at him. "I have a piece of bad news, Mr.Johanes. Your wife got tumor inside her womb. Your baby in danger too, we can only help for your baby or your wife. Sadly we can't save both of them. I want you choose the decision, your wife or your baby?"

Johannes shock hears that bad news. For him, this is a very hard decision which one the doctor must rescue, his own wife or the baby? Johannes didn't want to lose both of them. "Agung...Agung..." Christine Dewi, His wife, calling his name in the surgery room. Johannes runs inside the surgery room in quickly, grasping his wife's hand as his tears start to flow. "Christine... I can't do it. I don't want to lose both of you. You and our baby is my precious family in my life."

Christine smiles warmly although her body is weaker because of tumor cancer. "It's alright...I want to save...our first child. Please...grant my wish, Agung. For our child." Her other hand reaches to stroke her husband face in gently.

"Christine, are you sure about this?..."

"Yes,... I'm sure." Christine answer again to him.

Johannes can't deny her wish, He looks up at the doctor as he nodded after saying, " and my wife, want to save our baby."

"Very well, we'll do everything we got to save your baby." The doctor accepts their decision.


The clock is tickling to 01:30 a.m., Johannes keeps praying for safety his first child in a surgery room. In any minute, the nurse came out from the surgery room and walks toward Johannes. "Congratulations Mr.Johanes! Your baby is a girl." The nurse gave good news to him. Johannes was very happy to hear that and come inside the surgery room to see his wife and his baby daughter. Christine was exhausted after using her strength to help give birth to her baby daughter. The baby crying inside the crib before Johannes carried it carefully to his arms. "Christine! Look! She's looked like you!" Johannes shows it to Christine with grins happily as a proud father. Christine giggles as she reach to her daughter to touch baby-soft cheeks. " does look like you, Johannes. But... I haven't named our baby."

" about...Selly?"

"Sounds wonderful." Christine agreed with that name. "Ah...I can imagine...our daughter will be honest and generous when she's grown up. I hope...she steady of everything she must...face any trial in her life..."

"Of course, she will be--" Johannes's speech was cut off when he saw Christine suddenly weaker again. Her eyes getting blurring unison with her hand's shiver. "Christine! No please! Don't leave us!" Johannes hugging Christine close with his daughter too as he starts to crying.

"Agung... I can' much longer. Thank you...for always be there for me...I feel fortunate that I choose you...I hope... we'll meet again... on the other side... I love you..." Christine smiles weakly before closing her eyes and gave the l...

Solivagant Prologue

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