Identity //Phan AU- Punk!Phil × Pastel! Dan//
Identity //Phan AU- Punk!Phil × Pastel! Dan// phan stories

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Identity //Phan AU- Punk!Phil × Pastel! Dan//



"Alright class. So your assignment for the week is writing a 7 stanza poem about your identity." The teacher spoke to my teenage class.

I quietly raise my hand shyly to ask a question. "Yes, Daniel?" She asked after making eye contact with me. I position my flower crown before setting my hand down and resting it on my desk.

"What do you mean by, 'identity'" I ask. I hear a few students groan in annoyance of the time I'm wasting. "Well, what you have to do is pretty much explain who you are.

What you like to do, what you like to eat, or what music you like to listen to. Anything that describes you accurately." The teacher states fixing her glasses.

I nod slightly before she continues explaining the assignment.

My intentity? I've never really thought about who I really was..

"It's due on Friday, which gives you 3 days to complete the assignment. This is worth a majority of your grade so I suggest you try hard on this. Remember it's at least 7 stanzas.

Good luck, class."

I sigh quietly. Interrupting me from my thoughts, the loud school bell rings alerting us that it's lunch.

"Thank God! I'm starving!" I hear my friend Oliver almost yell from across the classroom. I stand up and grab my light blue Jansport backpack and pack away my pencil and notebook. "Hey, Dan!"

I look up to see Oliver walk over to me with his black shoulder back pack with an excited expression. I look back down to my backpack sitting in my chair that I'm packing.

"Why are you so excited?" I ask. "I didn't eat this morning and I'm so excited to see what the lunch lady made today!" Oliver announces proudly.

I roll my eyes as I zip my backpack and position it onto my back. "Ew. The food is disgusting in there." I cringe jokingly.

"Exactly! That's why it's interesting!" Oliver exclaims scratching his blond head. "Let's just go-" I chuckle.

We both leave the classroom and walk through the hallway towards the lunch room where all the other students were walking. "Psh. He was such a nerd!!" Huh?

I look up ahead of me to the left and see a group of four punk boys having a conversation. They're most likely causing trouble as they always do.

First there's Jake, the one that thinks he's the boss of everyone. Then there's Blake, the guy that has tattoos and thinks he's cool to have them because he's only 16.

There's Landon, the one that annoys me the most and that gives Oliver a swirlie once every month. And last but not least, there's Phil. He's more different than the others.

He's a bully but somehow he always stops his buddies from hurting another kid TOO much. I've seen it happen plenty of times.

The thing that bothers me about all of them is that they have piercings besides the ears. Don't those hurt? Phil is sorta cool I guess. But still immensely scary.

"Earth to Daniel!" I hear Oliver yell to me. "Wh-What?"

"Stop staring at them. Stop being pure. Look at your outfit versus theirs." Oliver states crossing his arms. "I know, I know." I admit.

We finally get to the lunch room and pick a table. "I'm gonna go buy lunch~ I'll be right back." Oliver says setting his bag in his chair and spinning off into the lunch line.

I sit down across from his seat and pull out apple slices from my bag. And no, I'm not a 5 year old. I'm just being healthy.

"Aww. Did mommy cut those up from you?" I look up to see Jake. That didn't take long. It's just my day, isn't it? "No;" I say simply taking another bite of the red slice.

"Be careful! You don't wanna stain your cute little overalls, Danny."

I look up and shoot a glare. "First of all, don't call me 'Danny', and second if all, you shouldn't be the one making fun of my clothing. You look like you were literally born at Hot Topic.

" I say calmly taking another bite. "Keep being a smartass. See what happens."

"Ohho I wanna see~" I tease. Like he's going to do anything. This guy is weak. Suddenly I feel Jake pull on my ear and push me to the ground.

It wasn't long before a crowd started forming. "Fight! Fight! Fight!" I hear the crowd chant as I stand up again. Crap..

"You're so stupid! Go die already!" Jake yells throwing a punch at me. "Augh-" I groan standing up against the wall blocking my face. "You are nothing!"

"Hey hey hey. Chill, Jake."

I look up to see the one person with the perfect dyed dark blue hair at the top, light blue eyes, and black piercings on his face. Phil. Is he protecting me?

"Seriously though. Is this the best you can do?"

Jake is obviously shocked and doesn't know what to say. I just watch him simply rush off past the crowd. At this point the crowd got bored and walked off. I sigh in relief.

Phil looks to me without any expression. I walk closer to him shyly.

"Um, thanks. I appreciate it." I say scratching the back of my neck. "Mmhm. You should probably wet your face with water. That would most likely help the small bruise under your eye.

" Phil mentions and shrugs. I watch him walk off with his black jeans slightly dragging onto the ground.


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