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A Chilling thriller incident of a paranormal researcher, which changed his life forever. Also this Palace holds a DARK Secret to know more read till end.... Do give it a try I ASSURE YOU GUYS THAT YOU WILL LOVE THIS STORY!


My name is EZIO. And by my occupation I am a PARANORMAL RESEARCHER!

And in my 28 years of life I have seen so much that most of the people living on the EARTH WILL NEVER SEE!

From my childhood itself, I always felt that someone was trying to touch me, someone was always starring me. I always tried to tell these things to my FAMILY but no one believed me they always said it is my hallucination and I am overthinking this!

I then had sworn to prove everybody wrong, to show everyone that I was telling truth! And also, this was the reason in first place that I became A PARANORMAL RESEARCHER.

AND Today I was seeing my dream to become true as today I found an OLD PALACE OF Kings and Queens ON Internet which had been abandoned years ago and has now become a HAUNTED PLACE.

I became very happy on reading that ARTICLE, in that article it was also written that in night, the palace is full of paranormal and strange things, and also going there in night is "VERY UNFAITHFUL"

The very next day I took off for that palace and reached in the city where the palace was, with a whole one-day journey by train.

So, when I reached there, I was too much tired by the travelling and hence I took an hotel near that palace and rested there.

Next Morning i arrived at the HAUNTED PALACE. On seeing it, I thought how much beautiful this place had been in its time and look at it now, it is now just a ruin to which nobody wants to visit.

Then I went inside it and set up 12 cameras all around the place. I went back to hotel before night with a hope that something might be caught in the camera so that not only me " THE WHOLE WORLD" can get 'STUNNED'

Next Day, I went to the palace, and then collected all camera's and started seeing all the recordings. On Seeing the Recordings "I WAS SHATTERED INTO PICES"

I saw one person who is not visible to me,

I saw one person who is not visible to me, "IS BEATING ME INHUMANLY"

I saw one person who is not visible to me, "IS BEATING ME INHUMANLY" I was crawling with pain from one room to another. [Screaming, shouting, begging for help, crying].

I thought how was this possible, yesterday I spent my whole night by sleeping in the hotel room moreover I even didn't come out of my room the whole evening.

I was very PETRIFIED; I was so much confused. I then thought staying in this Palce any more is very dangerous and hence I started running towards the main door.

BUT Then, when I was about to get out of the palace, I heard a very Horrifying, Distorted voice saying--- COME HERE....COME HERE.....COME HERE ......COME HERE..... COME... My heart was saying that I should get out of here but my mind said you are Paranormal Researcher YOU HAVE TO GO THERE

As soon As I went towards the voice, I started feeling uneasiness, and I fainted there. In that voice there was some kind of strange intoxication, which caused this!!!

When I came back to my conciseness, I can tell by seeing through the window that it was now night! And then I remembered that in the article it was written that staying there in night is very "UNFAITHFUL"

So, I then immediately rushed out of the palace.... but out of nowhere I saw a person standing on the main door with his back towards me .... And as soon as I reached him, he turned and """THEN """


By-Sinnachhi PART 2 WILL BE OUT BY BY 5th Sept AND ANSWERS OF QNA BY TOMMOROW NIGHT!!! Thank you for reading.... and do like, share, comment and follow me for more stories like this!

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