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The unexpected pain of heartbreak.


Heartbreak is a different kind of pain.

It sits in your stomach and chest, always there.

Just waiting.

Waiting until you see them.

The person that destroyed you.

The person that you were convinced wasn't going to hurt you.

The person that told you they cared for you.

And when you do see them, you break.

Not physically, but mentally.

You break so much that you can't even look at them.

Just hearing their name kills you.

Seeing them smile feels like a stab to the heart.

But the one thing worse than heartbreak is when you finally accept that they aren't coming back,

they give you false hope.

They kiss you again and you think that maybe,

just maybe,

they came back to you.

But then they leave you all over again.

And this time it's worse because you knew.

Deep down you knew you didn't have them back.

But you wanted to think that maybe you were just paranoid.

But you weren't.

And they left you again.

They leave you sitting there wondering what you could have possibly don't wrong to deserve this kind of pain.

What you could have done to get them to stay.

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