Be friendly, Children.
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Be friendly, Children.

Marcy, Jason and Lucy walked down the beach in silence. They had been through so much that this was acceptable for their state. They walked until they found a large boulder to sit in the shadow of, that is just out of reach of the ocean waves. They sat there, holding hands and not saying a word. After all.... what was there to talk about?

2 Weeks Earlier.... Marcy. I heard the cry come from behind the toilet block in my high school. Curious, I walk towards the sound. I stop at he side of the building and listen to the sounds. "Jason! You give me that money now!" Bruce, the school bully shouted.

"Why don't you get your own money! I worked hard for this money and I am not gonna give it to you that easily!" The Jason kid shouts back. What am I gonna do? I think. I can't just stay there and be a bystander. "JASON!" Bruce's shout makes me flinch.

"Gib me the money right now! Do I look like the person who would actually WORK for money when I have my muscles to get weaklings like you to gib me money!" Bruce grins. "NO! Get your own you spoiled brat!" Jason screams. I peek around the corner, and see the scene for the first time. Jason is held up against a wall and Bruce is holding him there by his shirt.

As I watch in horror, I see Bruce raise his fist, ready to strike. This is where I make my move. I fling myself around the corner and shove myself in the way of Bruce's fist as he strikes. Then it goes black.

Lucy. I hate the colour pink. Not pastel pink, I like that pink. But the colour pink that is vibrant and way to pink for my poor eyes, I cannot stand. I feel like this is mainly because I am a goth. I don't know but right now I am standing on the edge of a cliff wondering whether to jump with my 'family' telling me not to.

You see, my dad passed away two years ago when I was 14, and my mother started to take drugs. I had a sister, but she acted like a brat and only thought about making out with hot boys at her school. She is where I got my hate for pink. Her name is Flora and she is 17 years old right now.

They both abused me because they saw my weaknesses. Today I decided that I don't have to deal with the pain, and that I can end it with one step. Thing is, my mother and sister found a note that I had left on my bed that I had meant for them to find after I had jumped, but they saw it and followed me to the cliff.

"Lucy! What are you doing!" My mother, Sandra yelled, tears welling in her eyes. "I am sick of all this pain! All these feelings, and emotions and hate! I don't won't to deal with it anymore!" Lucy screamed! "Lucy please don't! We're sorry, okay!!" Flora says, tears streaming down her face.

"I'm sorry" Lucy says. She goes to step forwards, but the crying behind her stops her a millisecond before falling. Defeated, Lucy falls backwards and into the arms of her sister and mother. "Oh thank god!" Sandra whispers into my hair as she and Flora cling to me and brush my hair with their hands.

Jason. I feel really guilty. Poor Macy, she got a purple eye form that jerk Bruce. If only I was stronger, she wouldn't of had to risk herself to save me. Sitting in the nurses office and opposite of Marcy's bed, I wait on a chair for her to wake up. 25 minutes later. I hear a groan and open my eyes.

Apparently I fell asleep. I look up and see Marcy sitting up and putting a hand to her eye. "Hey." I simply say. I am such a dork. "Uh, hey. Your Jason, right?" She asks, looking at me. I freeze. Shoot she knows my name. She known who I am. "Uh, yeah. And Your Marcy?" "Mhmm." "Cool." Damn Jason, this is going real smooth.

"Are you alright?" Marcy asks. "Me? Well I wasn't the one who got punched in the eye." I say back. Arghhhhhhhhhhhh, I sound like a jerk now. But she laughs. She just laughs. And I join in. Later, me and Marcy have gotten to know each other more and are walking towards the beach when we see another girl sitting under a tree in her front yard.

I keep walking but Marcy stops, which sort of forces me to stop as well. "Hello." Marcy says to the girl. She looks up at us and seems to have a sad expression on her face. "Are you alright?" Marcy asks her, all concern. She even walks through the front gate and crouches in front of the girl. The girl freezes. "What is your name?" Marcy asks.

Hesitantly, she replies "Lucy." "Well, Lucy, I am Marcy and this is my friend Jason. Would you like to tell us what's wrong?" Marcy asks. Suddenly, Lucy bursts into tears. Marcy startles a little bit but then moves beside Lucy and hugs her tightly, whispering into her ear. I slowly enter the yard and crouch down on Lucy's other side.

After a few minutes, Lucy stops crying enough to talk to us. Then she explains what happened, and I was nowhere near ready to hear it...

Lucy. I don't know why I was sitting under the tree. I don't know why two people just stopped strolling by to ask what was wrong. I don't know why I burst into tears, or why the girl, Marcy, bent down and hugged me. I don't know why I told them my name. And I have no idea why I told them my story.

After explaining.... Lucy sat there, tears streaming down her face and waited for them to call her a psycho or crazy or anything. But, Marcy only stood up and put out a hand for me to take. She pulled me up, and the boy, Jason stood up too. In the lead, Marcy lead us down the path and towards the beach.

We walked in silence down the beach. Up ahead, I saw the spot I always sat at when I felt like I was a burden in other lives. I always sat here and mentally abused myself. I walked in front of Marcy, and lead them to my spot. The spot where I sat was a large boulder that was just out of reach of the waves. It cast a nice shadow to sit in when it was sunny.

I sat down, and looked up at Marcy and Jason. "This was where I went to escape life." I whisper. I see their eyes show ther understanding and they sat down on opposite sides of me again. Marcy held my hand and I squeezed it back. My eyes welling up with tears again.

Two weeks later... This is now a tradition. We do this once a week,every week. We all get together and walk down to the beach, To the rock, and just sit there, Thinking that the world would be a different place, If only everyone was friendly...

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