Emotionally Attached
Emotionally Attached bittersweet stories

sincerelykarma a girl who aspires to write
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Emotionally Attached

by sincerelykarma

We rarely talk, But when we do, There's a feeling that I only get from you.

It flushes my cheeks, My knees grow weak. Oh, what have you done?

I've gotten emotionally attached to you. What the hell am I supposed to do?

Everyone says you're dating her, But I'm not one to believe a rumor. Tell me; Is it true?

My friends have warned me that you're a dick, That everything you do will make me sick. Maybe I should have listened to them after all.

But now it's far too late, I've stepped out of my place.

Because I've grown too emotionally attached to you. And I might be crushing on you, too.

So, I guess this is the end; Goodbye, my friend.

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