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Crushes are always bittersweet.


by sincerelykarma

It was just a normal November afternoon. The cool breeze softly passing by, calming my nerves. But the calm would not last for long.

I was nose deep in a book when I felt something gently lay on my legs.

It was my best friend. The girl who had become my everything. She smiled warmly at me, prompting me to smile back.

I didn't know why, but that smile brought butterflies to my stomach.

It took me an hour or so to realize what had happened. Why I felt like I was flying just because of her smile.

I was in love. With my best friend, no matter.

Well, maybe not love. More like, capable of loving. A crush, so to speak.

It hit me hard. I had a crush on my best friend.

I loved her grayish blue eyes and how they lit up when she was talking about something she loved.

I loved the dorky way she walked when she was excited.

I loved her "take no shit" attitude that gave her that spark of a fighter.

I loved her laugh and how it brought music to my ears.

I loved her freckles that dotted every inch of her skin.

I loved her passion for art and how she was so clever with a pencil and paper.

I loved her for her flaws and quirks that only I got to see.

I loved everything about her.

But as much as I would love to make her mine, She will never see me that way.

So I'll take her friendship.

Because that is better than nothing at all.

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