Things I'm Proud Of
Things I'm Proud Of myself stories

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This is kind of bad, but I was feeling positive when I wrote it.

Things I'm Proud Of

Pride is something I'm not too familiar with. I don't take pride in too many things. However, I am proud of a few things.

I'm proud of myself for realizing that when I was depressed, harming myself was not the answer to my problems.

I am proud that when someone looks me directly in the eye, and calls me hateful names, that I only get slightly shaken up by the experience.

I'm working on that.

I'm proud that I get up every morning, and I manage to somehow get the courage to go to school.

I am proud that I found a nice group of friends, who cares about me, and I care about them.

I never had that type of support before.

I'm proud that I somehow memorized 2 piano pieces within an hour, and I can play them by heart.

I'm proud that I can get over someone who I really loved, but obviously didn't care for me.

I'm proud that I can get on stage and perform an entire show in front of a hundred or more people.

I'm proud that I was able to come out, and be who I am today.

I'm proud of the people around me, and their incredible achievements.

I'm proud of myself.

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