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this is gonna be super different and more relaxed than my normal content.

mean girls

y'all this is gonna be a bit different and more relaxed but,

this friday the mean girls cast album comes out and you know i'm hyped.

my queen,

barrett wilbert weed,

plays janis and like,

i'm so hyped to hear her singing??

and erika henningsen is slowly making her way into my heart,

she's just such a doll oml.

and mean girls got nominated for 12 tonys so

10/10 hope they win, it deserves it.

open on broadway for a month and already 12 tony nominations.

i could go on and on but i just needed to make something more relaxed than normal.

broadway and musicals are a few one of the only things right now that make me look forward to things,

and so i just wanted to share my love for mean girls because it's already becoming my favorite musical,

even though the album isn't out yet.

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