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i have friends.
also i love them💖💗💞💗



i have a friend named drew.

and i love our friendship.

we talk on the phone for hours,


about love,

about life,

sometimes i cry,

i mostly laugh.

i go to her with almost everything.

she’s always there to listen,

always there to comfort me,

and i’m always going to be there for her.

i have a friend named hal,

i met her just a few months ago.

but i’ve gone to her with a lot.

we’re going to disney together on friday,

i can trust her with a lot.

a week into our friendship,

she overshared some of her love life,

and that was when i knew,

she was going to be a very, very good friend to me.

i have a friend named megan.

we met in sixth grade,

but fell out of touch.

we reunited in high school,

and now we’re in a show together.

she’s talked me out of killing myself,

she laughs really loudly.

but the moment in sixth grade,

where we read creepypasta together on the floor of the acting room,

i knew we were going to be great friends.

i have a friend named bee,

they are confused constantly,

but i love them so.

i think it is important to have a good friendship

with yourself.

i guess i could consider myself,

my own friend.

i have a friend named anthony,

well, boyfriend.

we met in sixth grade,

he was quite annoying, and we didn’t talk much.

we sat together in spanish, and then never spoke to each other again.

until eighth grade.

we quickly gained each other trust and love,

he became my best friend quickly,

and nine or so months into our friendship,

we became more than that.

i have good friends,

and good friendships.

i love all of my friends.

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