A Broken Facade
A Broken Facade poetry stories

sincere It doesn't take a lot to be kind 😊
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Sup guys, back at it again with another poem. Have you ever felt trapped in a fak personoa? Well...I have. Its never too late to be yourself. Its OK to be YOU! Don't forget to comment below! Hope you enjoy it!

A Broken Facade

Mirror framed on the wall

Shown on the glass is my reflection

Staring at a random stranger, I always feel a disconnection

Just be yourself they say, that's what I try to do

But when I turn invisible their glares tend to pass through

I change what I say before it's said, so now I can be noticed instead

My words are no longer as good as dead but, all they can see is my reflection

A reflection created by my own dejection

Bad memories stored as a collection

My honesty passed as a rejection

An ordinary personality molded to perfection

All they can see is my reflection

I can never tell myself apart

Emotions running in different directions

Two sides of a persona, where do I start?

All of a sudden my mirror drops. Just at the slightest touch it shatters

I can no longer see my own reflection. Even so, does it really matter?

Shattered, I can finally see

Shattered, I can finally breathe

Shattered, I'm finally happy

Shattered, this is the real me!

Sincerely, me : )

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