And I escape...

And I escape...

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simplysam Just another shy, observant writer
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Spilling the words built up inside me , fantasizing an escape on a mundane day

And I escape...

All I need right now, is to disappear from the present

End up in a different era

Candlelight and fireplace..

Long gowns and head bonnets

Be a female protagonist who writes books

A woman ahead of her time

Who Runs through the moors With reckless abandon..

That’s the thing about reading books Reading classics...

Your soul is tugged with this yearning To go back in time and escape...

Ironically she reads books to escape her reality too

So basically we are the same Her and I...

Two women trying to survive the monotony

Refusing to make peace with the mediocrity...

Whose hearts have poetry

Who are going to be victims of abysmal dissatisfaction

Because we know nothing will fill up this pit , this ever hungry drive

To experience something larger than life

To be touched, caressed , consumed by passion

Maybe the means matter and not the end But the irony?

The quest to reach that point keeps us going

And finding that special something would be an end....

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