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simplyaverage whenever i get upset, i tend to write
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Please show me emotion.


in front of me stands a brick wall. no matter how high i jump or reach, what’s beyond the wall, is mostly unknown to me.

i hear your voice from behind the wall; stone cold as the wall itself. telling me you love me, yet in a tone so stern and monotone, that i cannot tell it’s true meaning.

the voice rings in my ears, as confusion envelops my brain, and negative thoughts of what it could mean corrupt my soul. the words twist and turn yet without meaning. like a little child trying to drive a car.

it swerves and turns without direction, crashing into my thoughts throughout my brain.

i scream and yell, as i try to discern what it’s trying to convey, but yet, I can’t.

so I cry out of frustration, to ease the pain of the unknowing. and once I run out of tears to spare,

i get up.

i brush myself off and breathe.

for i am in an endless loop, of trying to slow dance with a brick wall

knowing that it will never dance back.

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