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simplyaveragewhenever i get upset, i tend to write
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he loves me, he loves me not


why is it that i doubt your love?

you used to tell me you wanted to

marry me one day.

you used to tell me how beautiful i am

and how happy and lucky you are to have


but you don’t say these things anymore.

you assure me you love me

but the words do not mean anything

unless you put meaning into them.

the one word answers make me feel as if

you are pushing me away,

as if you are losing that initial attraction.

but, maybe i am overthinking it

the “i love you’s” could have meaning

they could have your heart in them.

asking me to hang out with you

asking me for my company,

just because you enjoy feeling my heart beat

against your chest. against your hand.

the kisses and actions could show

what only words did before.

you could see the world in my eyes

just as i see the world in yours.

your smile could be genuine along with the kisses and concerns.

your silly faces and your hummingbird kisses

could be a side of you only i

get to see.

your love for me, may be as real as

the love i have for you.

but, maybe i am overthinking that also.

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