shigaraki x reader ♥chapter 3♥
shigaraki x reader ♥chapter 3♥ shigaraki stories

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shigaraki x reader part 3!

shigaraki x reader ♥chapter 3♥

Of course I don’t want to be a villain or have anything to do with them, but with Mirio being quirkless, he could be in a lot more danger if I tried to run. I placed my hand in his firmly, giving him a glare “If I go with you now, you need to promise that you won’t hurt me or them.”

He pulled me up and into him. I balled my hands into fists on his chest as I blushed. He lifted his hand to take off the one on his face, looking down so I didn’t see him at first. He pulled his hood down and looked up at me with a smirk.

I could feel myself blush more as I looked at his features, I’ve never seen his actual face before and this honestly wasn’t what I was expecting.

He had fair skin that looked almost like they had wrinkles, and chapped lips that had a small scar on the right of them. He had a small mole a little under the left of his bottom lip and his eyes… his eyes were the color of red rubies. They were dark and cold but I couldn’t help but feel drawn to them- to him.

He wasn’t exactly good-looking per say, but there was just something about him that made me want more…

“Just to clarify ‘them’ as in the big three?” he asked in his raspy voice. I nodded and he sighed, “I can’t promise their safety but..” he moved his gloved hand to the side of my face, moving a strand of my hair behind my ear “I can promise yours.” he whispered lowly.

We were very close together at this point, and now that I’ve seen his face I just felt even more flustered than I ever really have. “F-f-fine. There’s no point in me running anyways..” I muttered the last part.

He laughed and smirked at me, “There isn’t. If you do try to run all it takes is one touch..” He took the glove off of his right hand and put it on my cheek lifting off his pinkie “and you’re nothing more than a pile of dust.”

I gulped and felt myself turning red from his touch. I knew he was threatening me, but I don’t think my heart was beating so fast from fear- I wasn’t afraid of him. I didn’t know what this was- all I know is that my (E/C) eyes were fixated on him, and it took so much to rip them away.

Okay! So this one was a bit shorter and it's kindaaa a cliffhanger but still!

Love you guys! Update tomorrow!! ♥♥

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