i never want to leave
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simonvsfoxes Community member
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take me to a foreign place.

i never want to leave

take me to a foreign place,

one we have never been together before.

hold my hand as we walk through the patches of grass,

across the logs to get to the other side,

a river underneath us, flowing so quickly to get to the waterfall.

let us play hide and seek in the forest,

careful of not falling and tripping over the long and elegant tree roots.

guide me over to the edge of the elevation,

talk to me about the future, as we are sat down on the blanket,

watching the sunset descend toward the lakeshore,

the colors blending together, being remote and beautiful.

as we keep going, don't lose sight of me.

if the fire in your soul still burns deep, please don't forget me, i know you feel

this, too.

don't let it slip from your mind that it's nice being loved.

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