5 Benefits To Being In A Relationship

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5 Benefits To Being In A Relationship

by Silvia Li

1. Cuddling and hugs

Sometimes, nothing beats a late night hug

2. Emotional stability

With somebody at your side, you get emotional support on a daily basis. Relationships help often on the worst days

3. Photo opportunities

No more need for selfies! Now you have a photographer at your side who can take tons of photos of you!

4. Long life discussions

You can have life discussions with anyone, but it's especially awesome with somebody who you've told your whole life to.

5. You'll never be bored again

Traveling, food, movies, malls, etc. It's always an adventure

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happy 1 year 6mo anniversary babe.

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UX Summit LA!

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Happy birthday Caro ❤️
Happy birthday Caro ❤️ -Silvia

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@nakurane my pleasure!

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Thanks for sharing!