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You know what it feels like to be in rage?

Warning : Talk about Blood and Murder


You know what it feels like to be in rage? An undeniable, uncontrollable rage? That's just looking for an exit and it will destroy everything that stands in its path.

There are very few people in this world that have that kind of rage, anger, seething out from their bodies, turning into their aura. Something turned their hearts like that. Something bad happened to them.

What is the best way to control anger? Meditate. Divert. Distract. Distance. Different people have different ways of handling their emotions.

Some do yoga, some go far away for meditation, leaving everything behind and what not. These are those people who don't want to hurt anyone near them, their loved ones.

But what about those people who have no one around them. Those people who are angry because they lost their loved ones and want revenge. The only thing they see is red.

It is me. I decided to turn my anger into a weapon. Not many people are able to do that. I found a different way to control my rage. Turn it into anger towards the one who made you like this. But its difficult not running straight ahead into darkness, blind with anger and running towards your own death. Learn.

Learn to master it and you'll definitely come out alive. Have you ever heard of a Sword Dance? Sounds funny, doesn't it? Its not, believe me.

You can cut off your head if you're not careful. It took me 3 years to master it. 3 years of pure dedication. And I still somehow end up with tiny cuts on my fingers. A sword dance is a great way to check whether you have perfect sword, the right balance.

The correct balance point of a sword does depend on the sword, but is generally a few inches above the hilt. Balance that and you get yourself a perfectly balanced sword.

Sharpness? Try to cut a leaf when it's falling on the ground. If it cuts it in mid-air, your sword can't be sharper than it already is.

She walked in the cold night, bandages around her hands, carrying her sword. The sword glistened with blood when moon shined from the top. Oh, how long she had waited for this moment.

To end her misery, to end everything, to end that one man who ended her world. She warned him, that she'll come for him, one day and take his life like he took the lives of her loved ones.

The way he made her see when he slit their throats right in front of her but didn't kill her because he wanted her to suffer for some sick reason. She remembers his twisted smile. He was laughing after killing her family, like it was some kind of a twisted game he was playing with her.

He let her live though. He let her live so that she could live her life knowing that there was no way she could touch a single hair on his head. He kicked her in the stomach and left her with the dead family. Laughing, he was still laughing.

She saw the blood coming out from the slit on the throat of her mother. Eyes, dead. But still she felt like her mother's dead eyes were looking straight into her soul, screaming, at her, to kill him.

Hold the hilt of the sword with of your hands, make a strong grip on it. Swing it around in a semi-circle. You have to control the sword not the other way around. Let your energies flow in the same direction as your weapon. You will feel your body moving in a rhythm with the flawless weapon.

Don't forget that one swing can end either yours or your enemy's life. One powerful swing, one flawless movement of your hands with the hilt, can end all the pain.

They weren't her real parents, but they gave her shelter. She never understood why he killed them. There was no reason. He was just a psychopath with enough men at his disposal to end a city.

But she was she never going to forgive and forget. Until she slits his throat by her own hands, she will not rest. Blood was dripping at the tip from her sword. She was almost near her prey. The rage she was feeling was so strong, but she channelled all of that into her weapon.

Take a step forward, move with the wind and swing your arms around and you will find yourself moving in a faultless way. You'll feel the perfection in your moves. Run forward as if you're going to pierce somebody and then backwards coming for a whole circle.

She walked towards him, he was watching her with the same twisted smile. Sitting on his throne, marvelling over the fact that he created a perfect killer.

He looked at her, covered in blood of his own men. But he felt no remorse seeing his men die, as if he was waiting for her. All those years, he was waiting for her to show in exact same state.

Fire in her eyes, face covered in blood, her beautiful silver sword shinning in crimson. "You dug your own grave." She said with animosity. "Oh! How I was waiting for this day to come." He exclaimed. She looked at him, her eyes held sentiments.

"You don't know what I created. You are my perfect creation. Your body, your mind has no other goal than killing me and that makes you perfect for-"

Before he could complete his words, she ran her sword through his chest. She stood there over his body, watching the blood ooze out from his wound and his eyes slowly losing the light. She sighed. Who said that fulfilling your revenge doesn't give you satisfaction?

She moved his body out of the way and sat on the chair, 'Throne', he liked to call it. She looked around, bodies lying in position that shouldn't be even possible.

She touched her cheek, and then her finger, all covered in blood and realised that she finally did it. She relaxed down in the chair. Then eyes landed on her sword. It was red with blood. She gave a small smile and closed her eyes.

Opening your eyes, you'll feel the sensation setting in your body. Glide your one hand over the blade and bend down your one knee and stretch your other one. You should be able to see the tip of the blade. Skin shinning clear without a scar.

You swing around again, this time your sword stretched out all the way long and cut through the cloth hanging in between the room. Gives you the idea about the sharpness of the blade. Her face was covered in blood. Your face will be covered in sweat.

She closed her eyes to sigh. You should take a deep breath to relax yourself. Till now, all she saw was red. No wonder people started calling her the Blood Queen. All you will see and feel will be the perfection.

Its not easy to perfect this dance. It took me 3 years. You put your sword back in scabbard and then you walk away. She closed her eyes and drifted into a deep sleep.

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