Old PJO FanFic Part One
Old PJO FanFic Part One school stories

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Old bad FanFiction by Annabeth

Old PJO FanFic Part One

The Beginning

“Percy Jackson!”

A sharp voice cut across the noisy classroom. In the front row, a young boy of about ten startled, looking up to reveal shocking sea green eyes.

He had jet black hair, a rebellious face, and tan skin. He saluted the teacher in front of him, and gave her a stiff little bow, causing several of the other fifth graders to giggle.

“Yes m’am?” he asked with a sarcastic smile.

“Were you paying any attention to what I was saying just now?”

“Yes, Ms. Martin.” Percy said, twiddling his pencil between his thumb and forefinger. He yawned, exaggerating how bored he was.

“Then can you tell me what one third divided by two eighths is?” Ms Martin demanded.


“Why not?”

“Because I don't care, Ms Martin.” was Percy’s response. The other kids exclaimed, “Ooooooooooh!” Percy shook his head, causing his black hair to flop into his face.

A paper airplane flew through the room and smacked Percy on the side of the head. He flung the airplane back to its owner.

“I know, I know!” a voice rang out. It belonged to a young girl who was waving her hand excitedly. She had grey eyes and long blond hair.

“What is your name, miss?” Ms. Martin asked.

To be continued! ....once i FIND part 2

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