Answering more anonymous messages
Answering more anonymous messages anonymous messages stories
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silveroak Chase your stars fool, life is short
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Answering more anonymous messages

So far I only have 2 new anonymous messages, so you guys need to send me more!!!

(link in description)

welp, here are the two messages:

Uhh, ok. Nice. Don't know what InShot is...but that's cool.

HAHA, jokes on you. Cause I actually know who you are on Commaful AND irl, but ya don't know who I am irl!! (Jk, jk. I don't actually know anyone on Commaful irl...) (So, no, I am not a creepy stalker)

that's all I got

PLEASE SEND MESSAGES! I AM SO BORED!! (Link in the description...)

bye for now

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