Beautifully Broken (Pt 2)
Beautifully Broken (Pt 2) dear evan hansen stories

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Part 2 of Beautifully Broken. You'll have to read the whole thing for it to make sense. Same trigger warnings as the last part.

Beautifully Broken (Pt 2)

Part 2 of Beautifully Broken. You'll have to read the whole thing for it to make sense. Same trigger warnings as the last part.

16 (Junior year)


He was undressed, lying with a boy. Holding hands, the boy's sleeping face hidden in Connor's chest. The sun slowly coming up, so Connor could see Miguel.

Connor looked down at their intertwined fingers, their intertwined legs. Miguel's skin smooth and unbroken, Connor's a mess of scars.

Last night had been dark, and they had been lost in each other. Nothing else had existed. But now... he would wake up. He would see Connor's scars. He would see Connor. No.

Connor glanced over into the corner. His clothes were thrown there, his hoodie and his jeans. He took a breath and stood quickly, carefully making sure Miguel was still comfortable.

He stirred a bit, but Connor was already across the room, pulling on his boxers, then his jeans, then his hoodie. "Conn...?" Miguel's voice came.

Connor didn't turn, just grabbed his bag, glancing around the room to make sure he had everything. He shoved his phone in his pocket and turned. "I have to go." Miguel frowned at him. "Did...I do somthin' wrong?"

His voice was still rough with sleep, hair a mess. Connor shook his head. "No. I... No. I did. It's me... I can't..." Connor pressed his eyes shut.

"See you," he said, then turned. He walked through the house quietly, then broke into a sprint when he got outside. He got halfway down the street when he remembered he didn't have to run.

His car was still parked outside Miguel's house. He walked back, head down. Connor climbed into his car, starting it and driving a few blocks away.

He parked then, leaning his head against the steering wheel. What now? He wondered. He pulled out his phone, checking the messages. There was nothing from Miguel.

Connor sighed and pulled out of the parking lot, heading home. He stopped at a red light... then made a split-second decision. He made a right turn instead of a left, cutting off two cars.

He heard them honking behind him, but he didn't care. He headed out of town, out into the country. It took about 15 minutes, but he pulled into the parking lot of an abandoned apple orchard.

His orchard. There was another car in the lot, but as Connor gazed over the field, the blooming apple trees, and the forest beyond, he saw nobody.

He got out of his car, taking his messenger bag with him. He walked across the field, reaching the edge of the forest and sitting against a tree.

Connor gave a little sigh and leaned his head back, then opened his messenger bag.


Connor was relaxed now, almost sleepy. It was almost noon, and Connor was high as a kite. He pulled out a book and started reading, finding it hard to focus.

He got the feeling he was being watched, but not in an unpleasant way. Connor vaguely recalled a myth about nymphs and chuckled a bit to himself.

Suddenly, there was a rustle behind him, then a muffled curse. Connor sat up, peering into the forest. There was someone there, a silhouette, hiding behind a tree.

"Hey!" Connor called, standing. There was another curse, and the figure moved forward a bit, obviously terrified. "Who are you?" Connor asked, a little smirk on his face.

Maybe because he was high, he found the whole situation funny. The person stepped forward, and Connor recalled his thought about the nymphs.

This boy looked like he could easily be one (Were there male nymphs? He didn't think so...).

He had blond hair, not quite a dirty blond, but a blond that was only a few shades lighter than brown.

His eyes were hazel, somehow brown as the tree bark and green as the leaves at the same time. He was shorter than Connor and built differently, with almost feminine hips and legs.

His face was bright red, with freckles across his cheeks. Connor noticed this all in the split second before the boy started talking.

"O-oh my g-god, I am s-so s-sorry! I-I-I d-didn't m-mean t-to spy o-on you, I-I s-saw you p-pull up, a-and I'm n-not s-supposed t-to be h-here, i-it's t-t-trespassing, s-so I c-climbed a t-t-tree, a-and y-you s-s-stayed a l-lot longer t-than I-I thought y-y-you would, and i-i-it just g-g-got worse t-the longer I-I stayed, and I-I'm s-so sorry..."

Connor just stared at him, then held out his hand. The boy flinched. Connor kinda flapped his hand a little. "What, do you think I'm going to hit you? I'm trying to shake your hand, dude."

The boy blinked at him, then wiped his hand on his khakis and shook Connor's hand. The boy's hand was warm. "I'm Connor Murphy," Connor told him.

"You're, uh, Hansen, right?" The boy looked shocked. "Y-yeah. I'm E-Evan. U-uh, I know w-who y-you a-are..." Evan said, biting at his lip.

Connor shrugged and moved back to his tree, sitting down. Evan stood there, playing with the hem of his shirt. Connor looked up at him. "You just gonna stand there? You can sit, you know."

Evan blinked at him, then jerked forward and sat at the trunk of a tree near Connor, facing him, knees pulled up to his chest, and his arms wrapped around his knees. "S-s-so... I-I'm s-surprised y-you're n-not mad a-at m-me..." Evan said quietly. "I-I mean, not t-that I-I want y-you to b-be," he added quickly, "B-but... I-I was k-kinda s-spying o-on y-y-you..."

Connor laughed a bit. "And considering I'm the kid who threw a printer at my third-grade teacher, you figured you'd get beat up."

Evan blushed and looked away, then lifted a hand to his mouth and began biting at his nails. "I'm not gonna hit you. I'm not even mad," Connor told him.

"I mean, that's probably only because I'm, like, really high, but..." Connor looked up at him.

"It's been a tough day already, and it's kinda nice to have company, you know?" Evan nodded a little and seemed to relax. "S-sorry..." he said again. Connor smiled at him. "Dude. Quit apologizing. You're fine."

Evan opened his mouth, then closed it again. They sat in quiet for a few moments, then Evan said, "You h-have a l-leaf in your h-hair... H-here..."

He leaned over and brushed his fingers through Connor's hair to displace the leaf, giving Connor chills. Evan held up the leaf triumphantly, smiling. "Yeah, I get leaves in my hair a lot... I should probably cut it," Connor said, brushing his own fingers through his hair. His curls almost reached his shoulders now and was even longer when it was wet.

"I-I l-like y-your hair," Evan said shyly. Connor glanced up at him in shock, causing Evan to blush deeply. "S-sorry, f-forget I s-said t-that..." he murmured. Connor just laughed a bit.

"No, it's fine. I rarely ever get compliments." Evan looked at him, tilting his head. "T-that sucks." Connor shrugged. "Nah." They sat there for a few more minutes, then Evan stood.

"I-I should g-g-get g-going..." he said. Connor stood too. "Alright. See you around, Hansen," he said, holding out his hand again. Evan shook it, then bit his lip. "S-see you, C-Connor..." he said, then turned and began walking to his car.

Connor hesitated, then ran and caught his arm. Evan turned with a blush. "Oh- u-uh... " he stammered, looking down at where Connor was holding his arm.

"Listen, Evan..." Connor began. "Can I get your number? You're... kinda nice to have around... " It was Connor's turn to blush now. Evan blinked at him, then pulled his phone out of his pocket. "H-here."

Connor took the phone and entered his own number, sent himself a text, pulled out his own phone, and saved Evans number into it.

"Thanks, here's your phone," Connor said, handing it back to Evan. Evan kinda stared at it for a moment, then smiled and slipped it into his pocket. "W-Well... " Evan said, then gave a small wave. Connor waved back and watched Evan until the car pulled out of the parking lot.

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