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Sometimes a kiss communicates feelings so much better than words ever could... Isn't that especially true for the First Kiss?

Golden Thread

It was so long ago, and yet it is still so vivid in my memory.

It was on a warm day but I do not remember whether it was sprig or summer, I do not remember what time of the day it was, or what either of us was wearing... I do not remember anything.

Just The Kiss....

We were just walking around our hometown as usual I guess, because I remember that we ended up by my house, saying our goodbyes. And then I suddenly realised that you were going to kiss me.

I felt so shy and a bit scared, for want of a better word. The time seemed to start flowing so slowly, like it became viscous. Each second was lazily moving forward, as if it was sleepy.

It sounds like such a cliche but it is true, in that moment the rest of the world stopped existing. Your face right in front of me, your arms hugging me so gently...

And then... I still do not know what possessed me, but I guess I couldn't take that feeling of being suspended in the air anymore...

Do you remember how surprised you were when it was I who ended up kissing you? Not just a peck either, but a long kiss...

I guess even then I did not do things half-heartedly, even if I was always quite shy. Remembering this never fails to make me smile.

I felt then that the kiss created a sort of invisible thread between us. Like we were truly connected now, and we would never be separated. Wherever you go, I go too...

We were so young and looked at this world with huge trusting eyes that saw very little sorrow and believed only in good things.

It seems like all this happened ages ago. Throughout our relationship I felt the thread was there. That golden thread linking two people, invisible to the eyes of everyone else.

Sometimes the thread was taut, and it seemed we could not even breathe without each other, so inseparable we were.

Other times, the thread would go limp when we disagreed and were unhappy with each other...

And now the thread is broken. We broke it. And still, I will remember that First Kiss for the rest of my life. The First Kiss only happens once in a lifetime after all, doesn't it?

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