We missed out
We missed out life stories

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What have we missed?

We missed out

by silver

Life goes by so fast, almost with a blink of an eye.

We often forget to slow down and enjoy the little things it gave us,

just aimlessly drifting in and out, going by like dust.

We never stopped to see the blue skies, or the smell the fresh cut grass,

All we do is just run about, holding our heavy heart of glass.

Our eyes never got to see the rising and setting of the glorious sun,

in fact its fixated on the bright screen in our hands, that is now our definition of 'fun'.

What have we all become?

We never enjoy the dazzling display of stars,

nor do we ever appreciate the scars,

from that one time we fell while playing catch,

and ending our day with our wounds in a patch.

There lies our adventure out in the horizon,

where we never seem to reach, that paradise, that magical island.

I hope that someday we'd all wake up,

from this delusion, our perfect world in a cup.

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