Hello, Stranger.
Hello, Stranger. bus stories

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A girl meets a boy on the bus, their friendship grew until...

Hello, Stranger.

You don't usually notice me but we've been taking the same bus at the same time every day.

I met you when you first you hopped on the bus at the stop right after mine, together with my friend. You didn't notice her too.

"He just moved," she whispered, still staring at you. I too was staring at you, admiring the beauty that your parents brought to this world.

Hello, Stranger.

It's been almost two months now, we've yet to converse with each other, however, we still took the same bus at the same time, every morning.

Today I mustered the courage to tell you that your laces were undone, you thank me and continued looking straight.

I remember how you smiled at me, just a slight muscle movement and then back to that neutral face.

"Where do you live?" you asked me, and I replied, "just a stop before you," a little too quickly perhaps. You laughed at me and continued to stare straight ahead.

Hello, Stranger.

It's been eight months, we still take the same bus at the same time, every day. Not every day, of course, you fell sick, once and you missed the bus twice.

I woke up late thrice and I was on a break, out of town for four days straight.

We still smile and say hello, I found out that your school was just next to mine. One stop away. I told you about my dream job and what I want to be in the future.

We found out so much about each other.

Hello, Stranger.

It's been a year now. I still don't know your name. Today I told myself that I will ask for your name, today I will ask you if you wanna catch a movie. Today.

It was raining heavily, inside my heart sank, hoping that he'd make the bus in time. Hoping that he would be dry, I wouldn't want him to fall sick and miss the bus again.

Today, you didn't hop on the bus like you used to.

The next day, you missed the bus too.

The following day my friend told me, "Haven't you heard? There was a hit-and-run that morning, it was raining so heavily the car couldn't see him."

My heart broke for this Stranger I met. I fell silent, and my eyes fell to the ground.

"His funeral is being held at-"

I cut her off and exited the bus. I drowned myself in school, blocking out reality and the horrors of what I heard this morning.

Today I promised that I will ask for his name. Today was the day he left.

Hello, Stranger.

I'm sorry I did not get the chance to know your name. It's been weeks since you left and I miss our bus rides and small talks. It feels weird to say this, but it feels like you're still with me.

Hello, Stranger.

I will miss you.

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