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silver media student who believes in positivity
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A short motivation in dark times.


You know that feeling where you feel like everything is crumbling all at once, not slowly but rapidly like water crashing at the bottom of fountains?

That feeling where your entire world becomes black and there seemed to be no sign of any light, not even a glow?

That feeling you get as you walk through the hallways, with the crippling fear that those tens of eyes by the lockers are judging every inch of your body,

although those heads weren’t even turned?

Anxious. Your heart races at a speed not even NASA’s rockets can achieve, beads of sweat rolling down your cherry red face and your hands, clammy and white from that tight clutching you did.

Breathe, you will be okay. These feelings of helplessness that you get lasts for minutes in the real world but to you, it’d feel like an eternity. Breathe, they don’t stay forever.

You say that they will come back like dark clouds after the evaporation process, but you always forget that you are not alone.

All you see inside your head is darkness, the loud silent piercing through your ears. Breathe, you are not alone.

Through every pain, every breathless moment, every time you feel like crumbling into a hole, you are never alone. These days will past, give it some time. Give yourself some time, breathe.

All you see is darkness inside you, but behind that wall, you’ve built is the brightest glow that you’ll ever see. Hope.

Break those walls, you are stronger than you think. They look like tough, unbreakable walls.

Little do you know that your faith and inner strength have the power of wrecking balls, maybe even stronger. What do you know? Try it and surprise yourself.

Get over that great pyramid, cross the open oceans, search for the end of that horizon, find yourself. Someday you’ll walk through those hallways confident and barely anxious.

Someday you’ll learn that your self-confidence does not rely on other people’s opinions. Someday you will learn to love yourself.

It’s okay to feel sad sometimes, you were born with that emotion. It’s okay to want to be strong sometimes, you’ll find your strength. But it’s not okay to give up.

For you have staggered through the thousands of sand dunes out there, scaled the tallest pyramid and fought the coldest winter. You shall feel happy someday because you deserve it.

Your emotions deserve some enlightenment, don’t hold yourself back.

Go on an adventure like never before, embark on a journey of self-discovery. Find out who you truly are.

Don’t give up, never settle for what you already have, aim to be better than you were last time. You've come so far to give up on this journey, life has never been this great for you.

If you need a sign, this is it. Keep fighting, keep pushing on. The pain is temporary, there are solutions to reduce and prevent it.

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