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“Nobody seemed to care. They avoided him...”


I saw him sat on the ground on the side of the pavement.

Alone, sad, cold, hungry.

Nobody seemed to care. They avoided him.

They looked down at him like he was a piece of dirt.

Why didn’t they care? Why did they pull there children away?

Why did they treat him like a useless germ?

I stood watching, from a distance. The occasional person dropped a copper coin at his feet..

Then scurried away like he would infect them. Nobody stopped. Nobody helped..

Nobody gave him a hug or even stop to talk to him.

I looked around at the men in suits marching quickly down the street, not even looking.

I watched the mothers and their children crossing the road to avoid him.

I watched the carelessness and cruelness and frowned.

This man in the ground, alone, dirty, in a bundle of blankets.

Did anyone know he existed? Did he have a family and friends?

I watched him huddled up in a filthy mound of blankets, surrounded by a sea of crisp packets and coffee cups.

Why didn’t somebody do anything about it? Then I realised, somebody was me.

I sat down next to him and he looked at me. He smiled.

We talked for a while. It turns out he was the most interesting man I’d ever met.

But nobody knew that. Nobody stopped to talk or even say hello.

He was a kind, incredible, intelligent and friendly man. I wish I could have got to know him more.

But nobody cared...

By Silkyg17 “Poverty is not a Fate, It is a condition; It is not a misfortune, it is an injustice” -Gustavo Gutierrez

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