Love, Hate, And some in-between
Love, Hate,
And some in-between hate- stories

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On the topic of hate, my thoughts.

Love, Hate, And some in-between

If you love the act of hate, you are likely hurting others,

But if you hate the act of love, others have likely hurt you.

Neither of these things brings fulfillment to our lives.

What if you hate the act of hate?

Are you a warrior of hate, against all who exhibit the same?

Say you love the act of love instead.

Are you a defender of love, keeping peace through gentle means?

A warrior of hate is seen as hypocritical,

yet without them we would see a greater amount of poorly targeted hatred.

A defender of love is strong and important in the lives of many.

Yet these are the targeted, the ones who take the hits from all the hate of the world,

the ones who fall the hardest.

It's easy to say that a hatred of love is a terrible thing. But what of the other three? They can't be so easily defined as good or bad, right or wrong.

That's why these aren't the set categories, humans cannot be pushed into simple definitions.

In fact there is a field I excluded entirely, Neutral.

Some people don't care at all, or care slightly more about some things and less about others.

To go into detail about all the different people would take ages, so i'm sticking with these main divisions.

But what is the purpose of understanding this? Well I believe it helps us understand each other.

In many cases, a person can go full circle through these stages, even multiple times in their lives.

Say somebody is raised to love everybody, they live their life sharing kindness to all they meet.

They extend their love to somebody in trust, that person betrays the trust.

On extreme scales this is often enough to shake somebody to their core.

When it happens multiple times, even the most resilient defenders start to lose faith in themselves.

This leads to withdrawal, inability to care as much for fear of getting burned.

At this point the person either subsides to a neutral ground, or continues the cycle.

This is the point where they begin to see others acts of love, and might scoff at the apparent stupidity thereof.

Now this is being extreme, but i'm sure you get the idea.

After so much pain and time, one is bound to start hating the act of love.

Now it is only a matter of more time before the resentment of others actions would lead to poor reactions.

This is when they would meet acts of love, especially towards themselves, with acts of hate.

These are not targeted or meant to hurt, merely defensive.

Still, if defensive tactics don't seem to work, and somebody manages to reach them with their love, more options arise.

The person of subject may gain hope, they might be brought back through acts of kindness.

Or they may regress further. To the point where they feel the need to target their acts of anger and hatred.

Targeting them towards anybody who gets close, this is the point where the begin to love the acts of hate.

This is also the hardest point to return from, and every time somebody reaches it, its even harder to get them back out.

Is there a point to all that i'm saying? a moral behind it?

Well yeah sure, don't be too quick to judge first of all.

And a big one that many people don't realize.

If you see somebody in need of a helping hand, don't overwhelm them with kindness and love.

This can often lead to the aforementioned resentment.

Sometimes all somebody needs is a friend, somebody to be there.

And don't try to be "Somebody they can talk to".

By forcing yourself into this position you can make them feel as though you expect it, or that your caring is conditional on them improving or working towards something,

and that maybe you just want to help so you can feel better about yourself.

These are all thoughts that hold people back, it might be hard to get through these, but if you can help somebody by understanding these things, It is always worth it.

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