Dead and alone
Dead and alone death stories

silenceo_o remember me in your prayers:)
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We shall die one day and the only thing we shall have would be our deed good or bad theyll stay with us ....nthin else

Dead and alone

It happens and you are gone Your body is now one of your useless clone Surrounded by people Crying and gossiping Why so you think to yourself People wasting tears cz You are no longer there They cover your clone Because they think you are gone Now its time for you to be in the grave

The tears become loud You can hear your beloved ones crying You want to wipe those tears But you cantt Suddenly some people carry you around They stop and put you down Now they are digging a hole in the ground You are there but you are gone Two men pull you down Now your lying on the ground

They are covering you with the dirt From which you once got disgust After covering you they leave you there on this earth You have no one except for the deeds you once made In a once given life You are being questioned in the court of your mighty LORD People came to their normal life And you just lived there alone

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