A happy 15 to me
A happy 15 to me 15 stories

silenceo_o remember me in your prayers:)
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Its longg anyways ✌💖

A happy 15 to me

A happy 15 to me Yet theres so much to see I hope so that i wont be the same introvert geek 15th of the july 15th of this month I survived these many years so thx a bunch Haha my father already had two sons Then i came into this world and increased all the funds About me theres nthin much to see

My name is Bella so plz call me Bella Im a teen not as depressed as others have been Talking about skills my school wasted my brain cell i dont have any so im sorry i dont know wat that means Um i do draw shit sorry i dont cuss so id better keep my mouth shut About academic achievement i wont brag abt that

You know im not a self obsessed brat Next up are friends haha i wont talk abt those dumbs I dont like house chores but im afraid of family roars N yes i hate crowds I dont like going out My user name aint adorable queen Was that offensive sorry if i am being mean Im studying biology or i should say memology

One of my teacher acts like a meme Sorry im again being mean Id better keep my mouth shut For this birthday i think thats enough So yes that was a lil abt me And once again a happy 15 to me...😄

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