Burning Roses.
Burning Roses. flame stories

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I think I died on the same day as those roses.

Burning Roses.

by sihadarling20

You told me you would never leave,

Then you left.

The roses you gave to me,

I kept.

But now they're burning,

While I cry.

I think I died on the same day as those roses,

Because I never felt the same.

I gave you the lighter to set me on fire,

I gave you the knife

You put in my back.

And after all of that, nothing hurt more than you leaving.

I would burn myself again,

Cut myself again,

If any of it would stop you from leaving.

I would jump off a bridge,

I would try to fly.

If it would mean you had never lied.

I would listen to your harsh words,

And nod my head.

If it meant I wouldn't feel so dead.

Everything reminds me of you.

So I'll lay in bed doing nothing,

In hope that thoughts of you will leave my head.

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