"I earned money."
"I earned money." gratitude stories

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Inspired by Fight my way!

"I earned money."

"I earned money." -Fight My Way.

On the eighth episode at Ae Ra’s news reporter interview, the interviewer asked her, “When the others studied abroad, went to graduate school, and volunteered in foreign countries, what did you do? Passion is not proved by energy but by experience.”

She simply responded with honesty, “I earned money.”

This quote really hit me... I guess not everyone will relate but this really is something for people like me.

People who wants to study and to achieve theie dreams.

People who wants to study and to achieve theie dreams. but there's no one to support them.

so instead of studying,

so instead of studying, practicing

so instead of studying, practicing and pursuing our dreams

we are supporting ourselves...

for our living necessities.

otherwise, we will die starving and shivering.

So for people out there, who says that people like us are wasting time and opportunity. And thinks that we don't have


just SHUT UP!

because while you're doing what everyone thinks we should be doing....

Please know that

"I am earning money"

"I am earning money" to survive.

to live...

to live... and

to live... and to hope

to live... and to hope that someday

I can live my life the way i am supposed to be doing

to achieve my dreams

to achieve my dreams and to be HAPPY.

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