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The difference between < br/>me and him

Fire Starter

by MesSiah

He took my breath as he was the sun and I was the moon. And just like that he pulled me into his gravity

Sitting in front of flickering flames his eyes caught mine in a game. Though we had yet to even know each other's names

My soul weeped to be entwined, to mix my being with another. Something that happens in a relationship anyway And we became that "mix " Entwined with one another

So I had you and you had I , for seconds, minutes, hours , days, weeks, and months. I held you and you held me, I felt as if you actually loved me.

But like all things , you changed as did I . Fighting in things that made me wonder why. Why did our love crumble?

And so by months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds I lost my love you seem to have lost it a long before I, or maybe you never had it For your eyes held a twinkle but not for I

And like that the kindled flame you started in me dwindled. Dimmed letting the smoke from before consume me once again . Sticking me in a haze, lost and never the same

Though, you had hurt me and tarnished my withered spirit. I moved forward, past the maddening ideals of time. And broke the haze with an ever hardening gaze

For I must let it be know, my heart will burst from this smoked realm. Roaring, more powerful and beautiful than he'd or anyone could be ready for

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